Cronulla 2007:
Vote 1 John Moffat
To Preserve Cronulla!

A candidate who puts Australia and Australians first, a candidate who is proud of his Euro-Australian identity, a candidate who is Green without the Red, a candidate who believes Australian women should be able to dress as they please and go as they will without fear, a candidate who offers tireless representation if your send him to parliament.

December11 2005 saw the Civil Uprising of the Australian people at Cronulla. This was the signal for a new community-based politics to reclaim Australia and defend people's rights.

Since December 11, politicians, multiculturalist propagandists, journalist-liars and others, have misrepresented what occurred at Cronulla. They have prattled about 'violence', 'racism', 'white supremacism', 'hatred'. They lie and they know they lie with these verbal weapons of mass distraction! Australia First regarded the popular protest as correct and while the party does not condone any 'violent acts' at the rally, does not condemn the activists either. It is the overall perspective that counts. Hence we coined the term 'Civil Uprising' to describe the popular rally and the other events. This expression has obtained some popular usage. While we noted the spontaneous nature of much of the nominally illegal parts of the December 11 events , we observed the ruthlessly cold, malicious and organised nature of the days of 'retaliation', criminal rampages the police refused to confront. Did the political regime cynically consider the 'retailiation' punishment for Australians who had broken with the multiculturalist lies?

Now we are engaged in a special electoral and public campaign. We rely upon the Australian people for our support. We have no capitalist money-bag developer, or bank, or multinational, to support us - as do the Lib/Lab crew. We have only those people who think as we do.

We are saying to voters in Cronulla and to the public of New South Wales that we are on the ground in the fight for Cronulla in the 2007 State Election.

We urge a vote for John Moffat for Cronulla, because we aim to break the back of the populate-Australia-project and its multiculturalist propaganda. This fight has many aspects and key elements lie in the Cronulla programme.

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A Statement About The Game, 'Cronulla 2230'

Warning. The public use of this game might contravene Federal And State 'anti-discrimination' thought-police legislation. This product is not an Australia First product. Its use might contravene copyright.

John Moffat has established a blog on the campaign. Thoughts and ideas.

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Remember: Preferential voting is optional in New South Wales State Elections. We are not giving any preferences! We refuse to preference back to the Lib/Lab machines. It is Vote 1 John Moffat and let your vote die with the one candidate who gives your first preference vote life.