Eureka Youth League Founded

The initiative of a few young nationalists, members of the Australia First Party, has called into being the Eureka Youth League (EYL).

They have discussed the project with other non party young people interested in building a patriotic youth organization and brought them into the nascent structure. They have liaised with the Australia First Party for particular legal and other assistance in forming the EYL and have incorporated it as an association.

The Eureka Youth League is planned to develop as the voice of Australian youth in the struggle to preserve their heritage and identity as Australians, to impart that heritage and articulate the quality of that unique identity and to provide a fraternal environment for young people in the globalised parody of Australia that has no place for them.

This initiative is sure to be rewarded, but the EYL will not have a smooth ride. It can only incite by its very principles and policies the frenzied opposition of the anti Australians of all varieties. It is in the struggle on our native soil, not on some distant battlefield, that shall test this generation of Australian youth. We are reminded of the words of Henry Lawson:

'Twas of such stuff the men were made who saw our nation born,
And such as Lalor were the men who Ied their footsteps on;
And of such men there'll many be, and of such leaders some,
In the roll-up of Australians on some dark day yet to come.

Eureka (A Fragment), 1889

Melbourne, March 29 2010