Australia First: Federal Election Information
July 21

The Australia First Party will offer several candidates in this poll, to build the profile of the party and to sink roots in particular communities. We reject the Labor/LIberal machine politics. We say that both these parties are merely faces of the same thing - they are the public-political expression of the globalist regime that runs our country.

Because these parties are 'the same', Australia First does not favour one over the other. We recognise that many of our fellow Australians consider them different. We say that the differences are only devices of deception built into these machines. They both represent the forces of globalisation, continued immigration, the loss of identity, the sale of our national resources and the foreign commitments that are killing our soldiers. Whatever the brand-names, they are in effect - the same in practise.

Consequently, we urge people to vote for other candidates and groups. The preferential system allows you to vote 'one' for a minor party or an independent giving them/him the public funding monies that are paid - rather than have yourself finance the major parties with a first preference vote.

In this election, only Australia First Party represents Australia and Australians. We are strangers in our own land and our land is being sold from benerath us to foreign corporations and alien states. We have a country to win, a future to reclaim! Our party is the possession of the Australian People in a long struggle for our birthright. Follow our websites during this campaign and assist our candidates physically and financially. If you don't put Australia first - who will?

New South Wales State Committee.July 20 2010.

Identity, Independence, Freedom!