Statement: Australia First Has Applied For Registration As A Federal Party

October 3

The Australia First Party has applied for registration as a Federal party. The application was made in Canberra on October 2. The management committee of the party understands that there are many difficulties to be surmounted to achieve the formal registration, but is confident of ultimate success.

A crucial aim of the Australia First Party is to unite nationalists into a single party. Increasingly, Australian nationalist and patriotic people from the various groups in the field are re-organizing themselves and many members are embracing the ideas of community organizing and cultural defence. They are realizing that electoral means to affect change are not enough. Many of these people are turning towards Australia First as the road forward.

The Australia First Party shall take advantage of the benefits of Federal registration and will certainly offer an electoral alternative and intervene in that process. However, the party became aware long ago that if it relied on electoral means alone, it would ultimately fail to build a mass movement and in the shorter term fail to defend Australian workers, farmers, small business and other working people directly against the globalist economic and political order..It was Australia First that advanced the idea of a broad approach, the "three tier method": electoral activity, community action and cultural defence.

The application to register Australia First Party signals the need for greater activity on the part of all nationalists. Like the registration of the party this will surely be achieved.