Statement Of The Australia First Party In Support Of The Right Of Associate Professor Fraser To Freedom Of Speech And Conscience

The Australia First Party (Sydney) condemns the use of the 'racial vilification' complaints-process, under the Racial Discrimination Act (1975) and employed by the Human Rights And Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC), to silence Associate Professor Andrew Fraser of Macquarie University.

In July, Professor Fraser spoke out courageously in the national media, warning Australians of the future impact of the key element of the immigration program - Australia's loss of her European identity and cultural heritage. He has continued to speak despite threats of violence and other intimidation and smear.

Now four complainants to the HREOC, a Sudanese refugee, two ethnic-Chinese migrants and one other, say Professor Fraser's words have humiliated, vilified and intimidated them - on racial grounds. Professor Fraser is to be dragged through a kangaroo court process, a show trial and inquisition, designed to punish him and intimidate all Australians.

Professor Fraser's reasoned comments have rightly evoked a supportive, mass, popular reaction. The post Pauline Hanson silence is over in the debate on Australia's population future. The support for his stand foreshadows a new vocal and activist course in the Australian people's struggle to preserve their identity and heritage.

One of the HREOC complaints has around it the odour of contrivance: it has been fabricated to put the free speech genie back in his bottle! We note that the Sudanese complainant, a 'representative' of his 'community', is represented by well-known Jewish community figure, George Newhouse SC, deputy mayor of Waverley.

Therefore, we are obliged to formally and fearlessly criticise the role of some members of the Jewish community for orchestrating this racial vilification complaint to the HREOC. This handful of persons has acted for years as a vanguard force for the great mass of authoritarians who wish to police Australians' thoughts and political activities. It is a matter of record that prominent anti-Palestinian Jewish identity, Sam Guttnick, assisted to write similar legislation for the State of Victoria, while the Jewish pseudo intelligence group, the so-called 'Anti-Defamation Commission', played a role in the State of South Australia legislation.

In the last several years, important cases have been operated and won by this lobby. This lobby has always known that the HREOC process itself cannot lead to any statutory 'conciliation' of the parties. They are aware that with the failure to affect 'conciliation', the case will be removed to the Federal Court for a rehearing and the inevitable enforcement orders.This seems to be the game-plan. They are reasonably aware also that hitherto the Court has not questioned the powerful counsel provided to complainants (in three crucial cases, the same complainant, Mr. Jeremy Jones, formerly the President of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry), about why they are necessary and at the charges they levy, and whose 'services' (sic) the hapless victim of the process must pay for if he/she loses the case. This is the real penalty sought. Up to this point in time, some unsuccessful accused have been forced into bankruptcy or substantial loss. They are therefore punished by the process. It is a civil process (pay if you lose justice) and is therefore open to abuse and fraud committed by the powerful; on top of this is its most basic injustice: the the truth of the words of the 'accused' cannot be used in his own defence - as a defence!. Rather, a court debates hurt feelings and intimidation and so forth, things all-but-impossible to quantify once the legal brains get loose.

The whole law is stacked! Legal 'precedents' for even greater repression are being created by this one-sided legal abuse of the citizen and democracy!

The complaint against Associate Professor Fraser is being used for ulterior political motives. The real penalty to be levied against all Australians is the loss of the democratic right to express an opinion on matters of race, multiculturalism, population policy, immigration and refugee programs. We will be penalised if we stay silent in the face of the abuse of the processes of an otherwise rotten law. If Associate Professor Fraser loses this case, we all lose. The new anti-racist Inquisition, the thought-police, are ideological terrorists who must be resisted.

The Australia First Party desires that the Racial Discrimination Act (1975) should be called into mass contempt. The Australia First Party works to show up the Human Rights And Equal Opportunity Commission as a corrupt thought-police used for political repression. These mechanisms are symbols of the gathering Australian unfreedom.

Andrew Fraser should be permitted to speak out as he chooses. He should enjoy freedom of thought and speech and freedom of conscience.

We call on all true Australians (patriots, civil libertarians, democrats) to rally to his defence!

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