What Can The Average Person Do To Defend Andrew Fraser?

There are many things a defence campaign needs because it functions as a broad effort on the part of all sorts of people and groups. You can act alone, with friends or via a group.

1. Telephone radio talk-back shows. Learn your script and put it over.

2. When articles appear in the press, write letters to the editor.

3. Use Internet resources. If you are part of a chat-room group, post about the case.

4. Support the Australia First Party with a donation. This covers our costs in building a strong campaign.

5. Purchase printed material from us. You can then adapt it for your own use.

6. There will be demonstrations. Join in.

7. If you are a member of a party or association, ensure that your organization's newsletter/paper etc., carries an article on the Fraser case. Move a resolution and let media know. Persuade your organization to carry out an action.

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