Australia First Will Organise Action Against 'Islamic School' On Gold Coast: Praises Mass Action Against The School Project, Condemns 'Culture Busting'

The following Press Release was forwarded today to major Queensland media. The text of a leaflet follows. This leaflet will be distributed this weekend in the Gold Coast.

Press Release : December 3 2008
Australia First Will Organise Action Against 'Islamic School' On Gold Coast: Praises Mass Action Against The School Project, Condemns 'Culture Busting'

The Australia First Party, which has members on the Gold Coast, will join all protests against the International Islamic College planned for Carrara.

The party will distribute leaflets and other materials this weekend. The party will also develop its own activities independent of the residents group that led last weekend's protests.

Dr. Jim Saleam, a member of the national management committee for Australia First Party, said today:

"Today, December 3, is Eureka Stockade Day. On this day, we remember that it is only by mass action that anything worthwhile is ever achieved. The popular demonstration of last weekend brought out the citizens' collective voice against their local council. The councillors must heed the people's voice."

The Gold Coast has already received over the years a full blast from the multiculturalists. Australia First Party sees the Islamic school project is icing on the cake. It is a final act of "culture busting", the breaking of the Australian final cultural norm pending larger immigration from many and varied sources."

Dr. Saleam concluded :

"Our party has participated independently in similar protests in Sydney at Camden, Austral, Bass Hill and Hoxten Park. We support all local groups but we always warn against anything which limits the struggle to concerns over environmental or infrastructure questions only. These things inevitably end up in courts where official views generally prevail."

Australia First Party intends to build a branch on the Gold Coast. Enquiries: 02 9559 2070 ; 0407 732 868

No Culture Busting On The Gold Coast! No Islamic School At Carrara!

People's resistance to the International Islamic College proposal for Carrara has been fierce. Hundreds have taken to the streets and stormed the Council chambers. Councillor Ron Clark says the school is welcome. No it's not! Resistance is correct.

The Islamic College proposal is culture busting. It is just another aspect of the process of high immigration and multicultural experiment. It is something governments and ethnic lobbies just impose upon people. It is designed to undermine Australian cultural values and the position of the Euro-Australian majority. Bottom line!

It is only marginally a matter of religion. It is really an issue of culture and background and purpose. Otherwise, a few drops of holy water would turn anyone 'Christian'.

To build a school, implies students who must be brought into the area. That sets the tone. The next step is 'services' to cater to the students - and then the formation of a new mini ghetto. The idea is to weaken the majority community and its identity by overwhelming its spirit in a special way.

Culture busting allows the target area then to be targeted for mass immigration. This undermines the native Australian European identity. Already, the plan is for one big super-city from the Tweed River to Nambour with 4 - 5 millions packed in!

Always remember: What did ANZAC's fight for?

The ANZAC's, like the men of Kokoda, fought for an Australia based upon European culture and a European ethnic identity.

The Moslem faith, no less than Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and so forth, reflect the identities of other groups. These groups attack in various ways, one fundamental and very Australian cultural idea: that our land lives simultaneously and by our individual choices via the Christian faith and a secular philosophy and ethos.

Only one party defends what our ANZAC heroes died for - the Australia First Party. We have contributed to the struggles in Camden and Bass Hill. If you don't fight, you lose!

P.O. Box 103 Crows Nest 4335 ; 02 85 87 0014 (national contact line)