Australia First Nominates Tony Pettitt For Hawkesbury Council

In what will be a primer for Australia First Party in Western and North Western Sydney, Australia First has nominated for the vacancy on Hawkesbury Council. The candidate will be Mr. Tony Pettitt, who will also stand for the party in the adjacent Federal electoral area of Greenway at the next election.

The Hawkesbury Council election will be held on June 19.

This is an initiative to develop membership and profile in an area scheduled for the immigration-driven population explosion planned by State and Federal governments.

.We publish material adapted from a mass leaflet now under distribution in Hawkesbury:

It is in your interest and in your family's interest, to cast a vote for the Australia First Party candidate, Tony Pettitt, in the Hawkesbury Council poll on June 19.

Why? North-Western Sydney is under attack. We mean there is a big plan to explode the population. Someone must act in our defence!

Under State laws, the government can acquire your land by compulsion and sell it to developers, who can then construct the monstrosity-suburbs that an immigration-driven population explosion demands. They make millions. You get the market price - and eviction. In any case, all planning laws and powers are to be used in this zone to achieve the goal.

Tony Pettitt says no!

It is no because it will destroy the quality of life in Hawkesbury. It is no because it will undermine the environmental quality of the Hawkesbury. It no because it will finish off livelihoods. It is no because it will destroy the cultural heritage our forebears gave us. It is no because it means there is to be no future for Australians in the alien Australia that big business and politicians are doing their best to create.

If elected, Tony Pettitt will be a fighting representative for you, a councillor who will use his office to serve Hawkesbury. He will also lobby to bring in Citizens' Initiated Referenda, the policy that allows you to directly propose and vote on binding 'laws' for Council.

Who Is Tony Pettitt?

Tony Pettitt is 55 yrs and has lived most of his life in North West Sydney With a wide work experience, he is currently a truck owner / driver

We also publish a press release directed to Hawkesbury area newspapers.

Australia First Party Nominates Tony Pettitt For Hawkesbury Council
May 19 2010

The Australia First Party has nominated Mr. Tony Pettitt for Hawkesbury Council in the June 19 poll.

Australia First Party will field Mr. Pettitt in Greenway (an electorate that is now just south of Hawkesbury) in the Federal poll later this year.

The party will be registered Federally by then (the party application for registration is now in the public consultation phase), but it is not registered for State elections. The party is registered for Council polls in New South Wales.

The party will sponsor Mr. Mick Saunders for the Penrith by-election also on June 19.

Mr. Pettitt said today:

"I would be pleased to represent all residents, the workers, farmers and small business people of the Hawkesbury area on the ballot on June 19. If Hawkesbury doesn't fight the population explosion /I immigration driven disaster that is looming, we will see the destruction of one of Sydney's key fresh food-producing areas. This also puts unbearable pressure on our already immensely strained services, i.e. roads and rail that are far beyond capacity already. Development has caused inflated real-estate prices that are only making the developer richer and pushing home ownership beyond the average family. And for what?"

"I believe that representation of people should be from a local level upwards not the dictatorial approach that we are having forced down our throats from the top - constantly by State and Federal governments. As a local member of council I would listen to what the people of Hawkesbury want and take up issues on their behalf. That is why I advocate Citizens Initiated Referenda".

A campaign leaflet will start to appear in Hawkesbury letterboxes this weekend.