My War With The Lunar Liberal Gerard Henderson:

The Spin Doctor Known By The Company He Kept .

Dr. Jim Saleam, February 2 2010

After being smeared by the Sydney Morning Herald, the party permits Jim Saleam to reply. This article was posted and a copy sent to the author of the smear. It was edited some hours later for minor errors.

The Sydney Morning Herald holds shares in Gerard Henderson's Sydney Institute and Gerard writes for The Sydney Morning Herald.

As John Howard's former staffer, a PhD, a patron of all things economic-rationalist, Gerard moves in the right circles and thinks the correct globalist thoughts.

Today, in the Sydney Morning Herald, he has written about me in the most unflattering terms. I have been quoted in the context of the row over Indian students at Australian universities. Gerard must defend the program. Is this new criticism a bolt from the blue? Hardly.

Because one day, long ago in April 1989, Gerard also wrote about me. It started something and time and again I have crossed his mind in print.

Gerard's war with me began with a major piece in the Sydney Morning Herald, Gerard wrote that it was time to halt the "baying" of the "Lunar Right". You know, the crazies, those inferior people with a country who just can't fit in with economic rationalism and globalism, who out of spite and hate oppose the Brave New World of capitalist rationality: open borders, free labour markets, free trade.

In Gerard's mind, I had been a naughty boy. The organisation, of which I was the chairman, National Action, was twice denounced in late 1988 by Prime Minister Bob Hawke for undermining Asian trade. Once he spoke out on Perth radio; once he said it in parliament. And National Action was very busy in precisely that regard. We wanted no Asian Destiny for Australia - and I still don't. Otherwise by its activism, all urban myths of its violence aside, the National Action had driven Sydney's liberal globalist propagandist clique to their collective wits' end.

So Gerard suggested we get stomped on. Such liberal democratic charm and poise, probably cooked up over a glass of French champers.

Never one to allow a threat to remain unanswered, I very politely telephoned Gerard's office and advised his secretary that henceforward National Action would demonstrate against Gerard personally and would 'target' his Sydney Institute for public exposure.

Now it gets very interesting.

The following day, I received a visit from two officers of the (now proven corrupt) New South Wales Police Special Branch - the political police. The officers were not just ordinary joes either. There was Neville Ireland and John Garvey, corrupt big wheels as things would pan out at the New South Wales Police Royal Commission eight years later.

Clearly, they had spoken with Gerard. They had drunk his coffee (unusual for them - usually by that time of day the Special Branch bar fridge was emptying) and they listened to his wailings. They took my remarks (officially at least) to be a threat and like dutiful servants, they came to bounce me.

A conversation was held over a fence at the National Action office. Letting Special Branch officers into one's offices had the risk they might find something that wasn't there.

I recall some of the words: "you have threatened Gerard Henderson"; "if you go anywhere near Henderson you will be arrested". "What for?", says I: "I'll think of something", said Garvey. "He's off limits", said Ireland.

Now this conversation was overheard by others and we all pondered over it later: who is this little pimp, such that the political police will break the law on his behalf?

Well, I received my answer. Not long later Bob Hawke, again, rose in parliament and mentioned that Henderson had been threatened. It seems Gerard had big friends. Bob now has $180,000,000 as a reward for his Asian Destiny passions. He tuned into the program which Gerard has always pushed.

Gerard's friends that day left a lot to be desired. So, I often wonder if it's good enough for Gerard to bag me over all sorts of bumps in my career as a political activist, is it possible I can return the courtesy? Of course, it is.

Gerard's knights weren't just scum; they elevated that non-august description to new gutter-heights!

Neville Ireland was caught out by the Royal Commission for stealing from the informants fund, impersonating other officers, rescuing from the law and public exposure (sic), the old flasher-pervert Justice Yeldham from an array of public toilet forays, drunkenness in charge of police vehicles, perjury and lying to Royal Commission investigators.

And this is the man who organized (yes, I say organized) a criminal conviction against me to which Gerard referred today (a political violence matter) This is also the man who helped conceal other evidence from an appellate court which would have exonerated me (and may still yet) of another conviction to which Gerard referred, full of sarcastic moral rage to prove my bad character. Yet, as many political activists in New South Wales were sadly aware, when one was dealt with by Special Branch, "convictions" were par for the course, but their value remains - propaganda only.

John Garvey was prosecuted, but survived conviction on a matter arising from the Royal Commission, but had lost the Police Commissioner's "confidence" and was not re-employed. However - and I can say here without the slightest risk of a law suit from this man - the Director of Public Prosecutions could have also brought Garvey down for stealing from the informant's fund, but they chose not to do so - and for a significant reason. It was because the informant over whom Ireland and Garvey conspired to defraud the fund, had done too much for Special Branch and against organizations of the nationalist type, to ever be exposed in a legal proceeding. Garvey walked. The informant carried on.

That's another bottler for honest Gerard. Yet, there's more.

In his rant today, Henderson said that I was interviewed by a Sydney Morning Herald journalist last year and would not answer the question as to whether I was on the dole. Mmm. Yes, but I was aware as this interview proceeded, that the paper may have been talking to someone whom it trots out occasionally as a racist, neo-nazi, truly lunar figure; they employ him to discredit organizations of a nationalist type via the old guilt by association trick.

I refer now to a certain Peter Coleman. It turns out the Sydney Morning Herald had indeed been speaking to this notorious individual in respect of me. Now, not only do I not answer to tattle brought up by this Sydney Morning Herald pimp, I knew him to be an ex Special Branch informer. I say without the possibility of a libel suit, that it was this very man over whom Ireland and Garvey conspired to steal money from the Special Branch informant's fund.

Gerard flies high and swims low.

The problem Gerard has with me is a tangled tale. He was once most annoyed that I am a tertiary educated person. It seems that no good, bigoted, Aussie, red-neck, Lunar thinkers - can't string a sentence together, let alone attend a university. Such a snob, this quails egg eater. He was annoyed that I had returned to activism after the Special Branch rampage did not blunt my determination. He's angry that the Australia First Party is standing up for Australians denied admission to universities and colleges. He may suffer an aneurism when Australia First becomes a Federally registered political party.

So, my aim is to confound Gerard some more.

I have never been impressed with the bourgeois world - nor with the man of some skill who markets himself as a spin doctor for globalist business. He's just a flunkey who shares a little that drops from the table He spins any tale to keep the dream of the globalist wealth-wagon alive.

When this world is threatened, it seldom has immediate recourse to do violence, but Gerard as a true Knight of the Ink-Pot comes forward first with his smears. Why? Because he wants this nationalist cause restrained, hemmed in, pig-penned, misunderstood by the public. He knows that if we get free, we can run. However, what if the smears fail, if the movement grows?

I remember that the corrupt Special Branch had as its motto, that the pen is mightier than the sword. The Special Branch even had ties made up for its officers with pen and sword and Latin motto. Indeed. Why bash a suspect when fictionalised 'statements' and rehearsed witnesses could send someone off to prison?

As Australia First Party grows and sticks in Gerard's craw, what will he do then? Will this Lunar Liberal dream of action? He has the track record for it. He should be known by the company he's kept.