Australia First Statement: Indian Student Protests Highlight Breakdown Of Multi-Culti Society

June 10 2009

The protests of Indian students in Australia against a climate of violence and robbery have highlighted to all the corrosive quality of multiculturalism as an ideology and of the multi-culti society in practice.

The Indians have been targeted for robbery, a 'normal' street crime, but one increasingly married to excessive violence. The attacks have been going on for a couple of years. Police commissioners, politicians and multiculturalist propagandists have denied that the crimes are "racially motivated". In one sense they are correct, if only because, the victims have been robbed.

However, does that mean the crimes are not racially motivated? The Indian students have said that they were. We believe them.

The crucial question from the start of the recent Indian demonstrations has been: who are the criminals?

Had it been 'white' (ie European) Australians who were the perpetrators of these rimes, we have little doubt that they would have been ethnically vilified. The multiculturalist propagandists would have swung into action at once. Fortunately (sic), the criminals have been shown as men of Asian, Middle Eastern and Pacific Islander background; only a handful of Australian criminals have been identified.

But it goes further. The formation and operation of many criminal gangs are based upon racial groups and they derive their strength from the cultural norms of their 'home' community. While these gangs are criminal in the pure sense of the term, they frequently target other groups which are perceived in negative racial terms. These attacks upon the Indians are consequently racist. However, it is the racism of one group on non-Australians, of non-Europeans, against another. It is the type of racism which the multiculturalist liars say should not exist - but it does.

This new criminal violence with its racial undertone is just another 'norm' of the multi-culti society. It may ultimately tear it apart. If a good thing can come out of a bad thing, then this would surely be one. The inability of the intrusive groups to 'accept' each other renders the experiment dangerous and anti Australian.

The attacks upon the Indian students should not be allowed to obscure the anti Australian workings of the Overseas Student Program, which must essentially be ended. It has been said that many Indian would-be students will opt never to come to Australia in view of the new problems. The current Indian students should be left to secure their degrees, not use their temporary residence in Australia to ask for immigration rights - and return home in peace. The Australian community has paid a different price for the Overseas Student Program and we must secure the rights to education in Australia - for Australians first.

Management Committee, Australia First Party, June 10 2009.