Statement: Sydney Morning Herald Journalist Lies About Defenceless Woman: New Depths Plumbed To Attack Australia First!:
September 30 2009

A libel of the Australia First Party appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday, September 26.

The journalist who authored the 'story', Greg Bearup, spent some weeks constructing a piece of creative fiction, a text with plenty of innuendo, half-truth and open falsehood. This script-sheet for future attacks was given surface credibility because its human target, Dr. Jim Saleam, a prominent member of the party, participated in two difficult discussions where he can be heard querying the journalist as to who his other interviewees are ("how can I answer you if I don't know who you are talking to?") and to what his lines of enquiry are - and where the journalist, in view of the final article, just lies and evades. Mr. Bearup had done the job required of him.

The attack necessarily involved an attempt at character assassination. During the last two years Dr. Saleam has been prominent in upholding nationalist principles against wreckers who entered the broad movement and in rebuilding the nationalist movement and the Australia First Party in particular, to take advantage of new times. The newspaper's smear was a veritable declaration of war by the Fairfax Press upon our party and upon other nationalist or freedom movements.

In order get in the knife, Greg Bearup opted to libel Jim's former wife 'Jane', a defenceless lady who now lives anonymously and in reduced circumstances. His smear of her was appalling and reflects some sort of agenda as yet undisclosed. It was all the more despicable, because Mr. Bearup knows the underlying and disturbing truth.

We have received and now publish her statement in reply.

Some readers may be shocked by this text. However, politics is hardly a clean business.

Jane Statement

I am forced to speak out on some matters I would rather not have discussed anywhere. However, because my picture was sprawled about in the Sydney Morning Herald last Saturday and my name smeared, I am forced to say something.

The article by Greg Bearup in the Herald basically says, that someone says, I had been "involved" with a "Mafia" personality in "Griffith" before meeting Jim in National Action, and that as a "notorious person's" "groupie", I started a sexual relationship with him too.

This lie is attributed to a "former member of National Action".

Interesting how this "former member" is anonymous. I have a very good idea who this former member (sic) is and he was out of National Action long before I ever met Jim in 1987; in fact, he was a member of another group. I am sure, very sure, of the identity of this source (because I heard an even more incredible version of this story in 1988 from one of his associates). I say without any reservation (because I know it all but 100%) that he became an informer for the corrupt political police agency called Special Branch. His word is worth nothing even for a bit of gossip - and for Mr. Bearup to use it, is plain silly. To use this person's word anonymously reminds me of an Inquisition. However, the problem for the Herald is that it just didn't happen. I have never had any sexual relationship with any Mafia character, in Griffith, or anywhere else.

My then-interest in Nationalist politics went back eight years before I met Jim because I had joined an organisation in Melbourne with some similar views. I am not a groupie of any sort. Sorry.

What is even more distressing for me is the notion then put by Mr. Bearup that I stuck around with Jim just long enough to have a couple of children and then I just "fell in Love" with another - even more - notorious person and moved on.

This is a sick attack upon my kids. If they are the product of a slut, then really they can't be much good either. In that regard, I note that Mr. Bearup suggests that Jim's mother was a slut too. Is it that sluts run in the family?

I believe that Mr. Bearup was just a hatchet man who cared nothing for the facts. Jim has told me and believe him absolutely (and Mr. Bearup has it all on his tape anyway), that there was a discussion between them about me and why there was a problem in a lot of the legal cases against National Action members in 1989. Jim told him "you can't use this" because it is on its face a "criminal defamation" and Mr. Bearup agreed. It was "off the record".

Jim told Mr. Bearup and I say it is true, that in May 1989 I was lured to a meeting and then sexually assaulted by an officer of the New South Wales Special Branch. Jim told Mr. Bearup the name of the man.

This assault set in motion a lot of things at the time and in 1997 in a very special way at the New South Wales Royal Commission Into The Police Service, it basically destroyed - the Special Branch. I know this is true because Jim was interviewed by the Commission's officers about the attacker. Obviously, I can't say more.

This sexual assault, which was followed by another some weeks later, began the process that shattered my life. Anything after that time and for maybe ten years afterwards, that I ever did or said, was coloured absolutely by these events. If you want to, you can say that I was "mentally ill" and you may be right. I function now, but I cannot say I have any sort of normal life.

Mr. Bearup knew all that, but to then go on and try to say that I was some sort of conscious groupie or faithless person who left her family and so on, is to smear every woman who has ever been the victim of a sexual attack. Some women adjust after rape and some do not. I belong in the latter category.

I think it is worse than low to attack me in print when an alternative truth is known and I believe this is just the type of dirty politics big newspapers specialise in.

I have no money to launch actions against Greg Bearup or his paper, nor do I want to be near the public eye, although I will most certainly complain to the Press Council.

I read the article really closely. I have seen garbage in the mass media before, but this one is like nothing I've ever seen. The only joy I get is that the media must really hate Jim and the Australia First so much that they take the time and the expense to lie.