Support Perry Jewell For Toowoomba North On March 21.
February 24 2009.

The Australia First Party supports the candidature of Mr. Perry Jewell for Toowoomba North in the Queensland State poll due on March 21.

We are yet to be advised of his electoral programme. When this is available, it will be published here.

It is likely that Mr. Jewell will campaign on issues such as the drug trade, now effectively endorsed by the decision to 'legalise' prostitution in Toowoomba, the right of Queensland truckies to earn a decent living without official harassment and against the discrimination operated by the local refugee industry which denies community resources and welfare to both poorer white Australians - and Aborigines .

Mr. Jewell is not a member of any party. Nonetheless, it is a matter of record that he will be a guest speaker at the Australia First Party national conference in Sydney on June 6 - 7. In recommending voters support Mr. Jewell, we note that he is a seasoned campaigner and an experienced activist with a proven and creditable history in the Australian patriotic movement. He would be a fearless representative.

Australia First Party calls upon all its members in Queensland to support wherever and however possible, the candidature of Perry Jewell.