PRESS RELEASE: March 2 2009.

The independent candidate for Toowoomba North is Mr. Perry Jewell. Mr. Jewell is not a big-party-stooge independent, but a man of independent mind and policy, who pledges to stand for his electors if elected to parliament.

Perry Jewell has a long record in the nationalist politics he espouses. Mr. Jewell was the co-founder and President of the Confederate Action Party which first gave a challenge to the Labor and Liberal/National parties in Queensland (1990-1993) and founded A.D.D.I.C.T (Attack Dangerous Drugs Injustice Corruption Taskforce) to fight drug addiction and corruption with new methods. He has achieved national publicity on these issues.

Perry told his supporters yesterday: "I am dedicated to the people and appreciate the support of all. I am against the regime of the major parties that really do the same thing in practice, while they pretend to argue with each other in public. With their political correctness and compulsory votes they are stifling real democracy in Australia. We need Citizens Initiated Referenda and Recall at all 3 levels of government."

The issues in this campaign are not those of the big parties that are now struggling to avoid the impact of their globalist economics. The issues for Perry Jewell are immediate and defend the interests and rights of the Australian working people:

" The retirees, and importantly the young, whose future is (hopefully) ahead.

" The legalization of prostitution in Toowoomba is the effective legalization of money laundering for the drug trade. Say NO! Most prostitutes enter their tragic activity via a drug habit.

" Without referenda the refugee racket has seen an alien community established here, one supported at the expense of Australians and the environment which takes resources away from genuinely disadvantaged Aborigines.

" The overregulation of the trucking industry must stop. Small operators deserve a chance to deliver service and make a living. The nation will stall without them.

Mr. Jewell added:

"If we had Citizens, Initiated Referenda, the people would have the chance to propose and enforce legislation. If we had some Christian ethics here, we might overcome the moral chaos that may overwhelm Toowoomba. If we had a few fearless voices in parliament, we might encourage Australians to get out of the pubs and clubs and win their country back. That would be my task if I'm chosen to represent Toowoomba North on March 21."

Perry Jewell is accepting the support of recruits to assist his campaign and donations are welcome.