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Cronulla: Australians rally for self-defence

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Australians rally
for self-defence

After years of suffering attacks, abuse, and intimidation from gangs of Middle Eastern men, especially against women, Australians from the Sutherland Shire banded together to reclaim their beach - to reclaim the right to be able use the beach without fear of threats or harassment.

On Sunday 11th December 2005, about 5000 Australians gathered in Cronulla to protest against anti-Australian violence, to protest against anti-Australian racism. In particular, these fair dinkum Aussies were protesting against the violence and harassment originating from Lebanese gangs that had been gravitating into Cronulla. It was the widely-publicised bashing of two lifeguards by a group of 15 Lebanese that was the catalyst for this shared community outrage.

One of the main complaints against the Lebanese gangs has been the way they act towards Australian women. It has been said that as many Arab and Muslim women cover up much of their bodies (as part of their culture) therefore many Lebanese males see Australian women as "sluts", not worthy of respect, especially if they are wearing bikinis at the beach.

Australia First

An important point - that the media have deliberately ignored - is the anti-Australian racism, the huge HATE, that these Lebanese gangs have for Australians. Despite the labels the media like to pin upon true blue Australians, we - as a people - are not haters; even when our country is being demographically taken over by millions of Third Worlders, we hate the situation and wish that they were not here - but we do not hate them as individuals. Despite the academic propaganda of the Black Armband version of history (cultural anti-Australian propaganda), Australia is not a society of haters - at least, not yet; unless Multiculturalism eventually makes us that way.

But for many Lebanese and other Arab Muslims, being amongst Australians with our laid-back culture and our free and independent women, conflicts so heavily with their internal cultural well-being that their only way out of the conundrum is to hate us. On the street, in the suburbs they "control", you can see the hate in their faces and in their attitudes.

This applies to many born here, and this is why Multiculturalism cannot work - because it cannot contain two diametrically opposed cultural forces, thus Multiculturalism creates racism and anger in society.

For the good of Australian society, for our long-term well-being, it would be a gesture of good faith for the government to offer to pay those who don't wish to integrate to return to their cultural homeland - it would be the most humane solution in the long run.

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