The appearance of any Link on this page does not necessarily imply any political connection between any Australian nationalist party and any/or other organization or person - with one exeption as detailed.. These Links are provided on an information basis. Australian nationalists are advised to use a wide array of sources to inform themselves.

Australia First Party (Victoria)

Australia First Party (Western Australia)

Australia First Party (Queensland)

Australia First Party (South Australia)

Australia First Party (Hunter Branch)

Australia First Party (Riverina)

Australia First Party (ACT)

Australia First Party (Sunraysia)

Australia First Party (Blue Mountains)

New Zealand Nationalist Alliance
The .New Zealand Nationalist Alliance are our allies who co-signed the ANZAC Declaration with us on April 25 2008. Australia First and Nationalist Alliance are fraternal and cooperate with each other in various ways.

Renaissance Press
Renaissance Press is centred near Wellington, New Zealand. It offers a comprehensive book and pamplet service for the New Zealand nationalists with many titles also of general applicability to Australia.

New Zealand National Front
The .New Zealand National Front and Australia First are fraternal parties which cooperate in various ways.

The Australian Nationalist Ideological Historical And Legal Archive
A document archive covering a wide range of material which details the history of Australian nationalist politics and organization and expounds on several ideological subjects.

Whitelaw Towers
Not for the fainthearted, this aggressive blog site looks at.the so-called anti-racist/anti-fascist network, their connections, lies and campaigns against patriots of all types. A good resource and intelligence source.

Rex Gilroy
Rex Gilroy and Mysterious Australia
Two sites dealing with the archaelogical and historical theory of Rex Gilroy, concerning pre-Aboriginal Australia and Australia and the Pacific area in the times of the ancients, ancient contacts, settlements.

Sustainable Population Australia,au
Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) was once known as Australians For An Ecologically Sustainable Population. SPA has published about mass immigration as a threat to the sustainability of Australia's environment. The site provides data in the population debate, exposing the cargo cult doctrine which advocate fifty millions (or higher) for Australia.

The National Republicans
This site contains many nativist-nationalist articles and is a useful introduction to the the cultural discussion essential to the defence of the Australian Identity.

The Sydney Forum

This site provides information on the annual Sydney Forum. The ninth Sydney Forum is set for September 2010. The Sydney Forum has proved to be a significant addition to the educational machinery at the disposal of Australia's patriotic community.

The National Independent
This website supports the quarterly magazine of the same name. The National Independent contributes essentially upon the subject of 'race', the taboo issue in Australian politics.

Australian League Of Rights
The Australian League Of Rights is a controversial, conservative, service organization. Its booklists and printed materials contain matter of relevance to the New World Order system, the workings of international politics and offer salient local political comment.

Association For The Advancement Of Australian Culture (Main)
This site looks at the development of Australian native culture from its European basis.

Association For The Advancement Of Australian Culture (Art)
This site refers ther viewer to Australian achievement in art.

We will offer some overseas links of interest and value to Australian nationalists. There is no formal connection between the operators of this Site and any of the organizations named here. We may post further links here in due course..

European National Front
The European National Front is a fraternal association of Continental European parties, each of which challenges the New World Order system and its globalist ideology.

British National Front
The National Front has returned to become Britain's nationalist party. It may replace the British National Party over time with its activist method and its refusal to compromise nationalist principles

Canada First ImmigrationReform Campaign
The Canada First Immigration Reform Campaign, directed by Paul Fromm, offers sober analysis of the immigration challenge to the Canadian identity.

French National Front
The Web site of Jean-Marie Le Pen's National Front, a party of 60,000 members and with representation in the European Parliament and at regional and local level. The site features Internet TV and links to valuable publications of interest to French readers.

Social Movement - Tricolour Flame
This is the Web Site of Italiy's Social Movement. The largest nationalist movement in Italy, (10,000 members) now in a bloc with three other nationalist parties (Social National Front, Social Action and New Force). It has representation in the European Parliament and councillors across Italy.

Social National Front
A party active across Italy and active in universities.

New Force
This nationalist party, with sections across the country, operates closely with other forces of European Nationalism. It is active amongst youth and students and conducts regular rallies and open campaigns.

Renouveau Francaise (French Renewal)
Rench Renewal is a nationalist party and activist movement allied to the European National Front

National Democratic Party of Germany
The National Democratic Party of Germany, with representatives in the Saxon parliament and councillors in many areas, is Germany's leading nationalist force.

Serbian Action
The Serbian Action movement is an activist Third Position and Orthodox party opposed to the NATO/EEC system and New World Order imperialism.