Australia First Party Praises Youth For Australia Day Mass Action In Manly, But Cautions Against Breaking Criminal Law.

The hundreds of Australian patriotic youth who demonstrated loudly and militantly today in the Manly Beach area, in a public defence of their identity and heritage, are to be praised for their enthusiasm.

However, Australia First cautions the youth against breaking the criminal law which only plays into the hands of politically motivated police commanders, who are anxious to suppress youth patriotism.

The so called "core" demonstrators were described by the Manly police commander, Superintendent Dave Darcy, as "drunk teenagers". This was in similar tone to the false Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) propaganda dished up at Australian youth after the Cronulla Civil Uprising in December 2005. A couple of persons consuming alcohol does not make a drunken mob. Neither at Cronulla in 2005, nor at Manly today!

Other ASIO stock tales have also been served up. Superintendant Darcy said a group of teens came in from out of town. This was said of the Cronulla youth where it was important to the ASIO agenda to paint certain Cronulla events as the products of 'outsiders'. Mr. Darcy also said: "We are significantly ramping up our investigative response and we're determined to hold these people to account for their behaviour. We've brought in some police from the areas where these people are from with their local knowledge in identifying these people. If they came over to Manly seeking anonymity for their behaviour they're sadly mistaken."

The calling out of riot squads and police helicopters and the arrests of a few youth are designed to intimidate. It is to show that the multiculturalist police hierarchy will not tolerate expressions of patriotic action. Breaches of the criminal law are only excuses.

Australia First will defend by all appropriate means the Australian youth!

Any so-called 'criminal action' engaged in by any person is second place to the reactive and genuine patriotic response of the youth to the on-going direction of the Australian state towards economic globalisation and its necessary internal result - the multiracialisation of the Australian population mix. Immigration is to continue. Australian youth know it. Sydney is to explode in numbers and for the political class - that is final. The Australian heritage is deprecated at every turn. No wonder angry, frustrated, Australian youth may break criminal laws when they protest.

Youth patriotism is a great concern to our politicised police leadership, those who answer to ASIO and the political class.. Australia First knows this because of a February 2007 article from a police publication which highlighted, albeit in a political police language of falsehood, the fear held that Australian youth may develop nationalist consciousness and seek out nationalist leadership.

After consultation with the management committee of Australia First Party and other members, Dr. Jim Saleam, chairman of the party in New South Wales said:

"The Australia First Party will do its best to raise a public defence of any youth charged in relation to the Manly incidents. We will highlight the political-policing agenda in this State and place the Manly Area Command and other Police structures under scrutiny. What's next: will some political time server Superintendent 'do a Tyler Cassidy' and allow Australian youth to be unlawfully killed? We will advise the youth and any defence teams not to pander to the court processes of imtimidation and plead not guilty. Asking for the foregiveness of courts when it is the same courts that should ask the foregiveness of their victims, is a futile exercise."

Australia First Party will be campaigning in the Manly area in the coming week.

January 26 2009