The Multiculti System And Its Methods For Dictatorship

Only people's struggle can protect our national identity and freedoms!. That truth has been shown for all to see. The National Symposium Responding to Cronulla: Rethinking Multiculturalism February 21, 2006, at the Multi-Faith Centre, Griffith University, in Nathan (Queensland), demonstrated the interlinkages amongst the new class academia, the peak-representatives of certain 'ethnic groups', governmental power and capitalist economics, in Australia's debate on race, immigration and multiculturalism. The representatives at this conference then make sixty recommendations to enforce a multiculti thought-policing of Australia, coupled with the actual tactics of police-dictatorship. These people reveal themselves as enemies of Australia's identity - and of freedom itself.

National Symposium Responding to Cronulla: Rethinking Multiculturalism February 21s', 2006 Multi-Faith Centre, Griffith University, Nathan, Queensland

Read for yourselves, the names of the participants and - in their own words - the summary of their speeches. Chilling reading for all concerned with democracy and the ethnic survival of European culture and the native-Australian cultural form of that identity on this Continent.

The 'Recommendations' And Our Point By Point Rebuttal

Read the sixty recommendations of the dictators and our sharp replies. Who stands for freedom?

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