Our Response To The Dictators And Their Recommendations For Policies, Practises and Action

John Moffat and Dr. Jim Saleam

We publish as below the 'recommendations' of the new liberal-globalist commissars. After each, we publish our reply. Our commentary appears in italics.

Based on the contributions of the various panelists, as well as ideas raised by delegates in the open forum segments, the following recommendations for policies, practices and action to be undertaken by relevant sectors of society ( individuals, communities,governments, social and economic institutions, etc.) are drawn from this National Symposium on "Responding to Cronulla: Rethinking Multiculturalism." While the list includes recommendations that pertain specifically to what happened at Cronulla, many participants recognize "local/global" and "micro/macro" interconnections and go beyond Cronulla to suggest transformations of the wider Australian and even global society. There is also no hierarchy of ranking in the list, as a holistic approach to resolving conflicts needs to encompass multiple, often interrelated dimensions and factors.

Our reply: Indeed, the authors of the recommendations seek "transformations" of the "wider society". They are talking of protecting the globalist Australian State from challenge. They seek to push the capitalist revolution through each social, ethnic and political sector, making a new cultural and biological landscape. By changing the very nature of 'Australia', they would make an Australian cultural, Euro-ethnic, social and political counter-revolution - impossible.

1. Political leaders should be asked to be responsible and show maturity and leadership in their public discourse on multiculturalism and Australian identity and to avoid comments that are divisive.

Our reply: Political leaders must censor their own words, producing appropriate pro-multicultural propaganda and never uttering criticism which can be manipulated by those who seek 'division'. The 'party line' must be preserved!

2. A strongly worded criticism should be issued in regard to the talk-back media presenters and some of the tabloid journalists for their negative role, directly or indirectly, in further fuelling the Cronulla riots. Media personalities who encourage racism should be subject to existing anti-discrimination legislation.

Our reply: The multiculturalists now aim to browbeat commentators who do not agree with them and do so by disguising their totalitarian impulse behind 'incitement to riot' legalisms. If someone goes further and by their definitions seeks to 'encourage racism' (meaning Australian Euro-ethnic pride and defence), prosecute him, a ruse to also gain his sacking. There must be no voice - but the the voice of Big (Multiculti).Brother.

3. The Australian Broadcasting Authority should advise Australians of Muslim and Arab background and other discriminated groups about the strategy of monitoring and working with media to overcome religious vilification.

Our reply: This would mobilise the leaderships of certain ethnic groups to use complaints systems and other modes of intimidation, to impose confomiity on reporting, such that media are 'taught' to present certain groups and faiths only in a 'positive' light. This produces a false propaganda picture and excludes the 'other side' of any issue involving these groups.

4. Politicians and media should avoid the racialization of crime, targeting especially "ethnic gangs" of Muslim or Middle Eastern youth which has contributed to the incitement of racist hatred as well as a feeling of marginalization and racialized bias amonst immigrant youth.

Our reply: But crime is often racial and is directed by members of migrant groups against other migrant groups and the Euro-Australian population. Facts are facts. By taking race out of crime, the whole truth is lost in the details of an offence. Since little crime in Australia is deliberately focused by the Euro-Australian against another group, the elimination of race facts in crime, is to distort the picture of crime. Crime often represents the empowerment of the alien group which felt its alienation long before its represetatives commit crime. In the worst-case scenario, this rose-tinted view of crime would potentially endanger life or property.

5. The "ethnic" descriptor (which is in effect a "racial" or more accurately, a racist one) of "Middle Eastern appearances" used by police only in NSW, of all Australian jurisdictions, ought to be abandoned to be in line with the other states.

Our reply: The New South Wales police use this descriptor because it is appropriate to do so; other states may not use it because the problem does not exist there. To take racial description out of crime is to assert race does not exist - which is, on one level, the great holy creed of the globalist. By this logic, 'Middle Eastern appearance' could mean Chinese (as the common person 'sees' Chinese) because a Chinese may "feel" Middle Eastern and decided to adopt this identity. In other words, it is a nonsense. The totalitarian would deny the truth because it does not serve him.

6. Political leaders should not engage in denial of the realities of racism, and should design and implement policies to overcome the problem, but these should not be "top-down" but rather involve "whole" institutions and communities.

Our reply: The call is to organize the entire bloc in government, media, community and other structures, behind the official ideology. There is the call to arms. This indicates the sense of urgency in the call. There is the anticipation that substantial financial and human resources must be put to the staving off the challenge from the patriotic popular mass. So too, we must redouble our efforts.

7. Senior political leaders should not stay "silent" while some media outlets are stereotyping Muslims and Arabs and promoting hatred towards them.

Our reply: This recognises the contradiction in state policy. To wage the fake war on terror and to serve the interests of Israel, senior political leaders must utter some blather about Islam and Arabs. It is not the 'criticism' of immigration and multiculturalist policy that the Australian people favour - but something else. There is a confusion here. However, the multiculti dictators want the media focused too and are also targetting a small sector of free opinion in the media. They want politicians to control it.

8. Australians who do not condone violent behaviour, hatred or racism should openly speak out, otherwise their silence will provide tacit consent to such behaviour. Citizens should not stay silent when political leaders engage in fear-mongering and demonizing.

Our reply: Here we see the need for a 'community based' anti-racism (sic) where clergy, mobs of Trotskyite communists, do-gooders of all types, are organized to keep the politicians and other opinion-makers themselves awake to the official ideology. The idea that there are any political leaders who do this thing can be really doubted, but it is moral propaganda, to keep each looking at the other, each striving to out do the other in the fervour of anti-racism. Like a Nuremburg rally or a Stalinist party meeting, no one wants to be first to stop heiling or clapping, lest he be thought disloyal.

9. Racist views will prevail unless people challenge them, and promote a positive alternative view encompassed by multiculturalism.

Our reply: Here we see the failed ideology announcing it is successful and positive. There is a fear that the dark-masses of the Australian suburbia have mobilised against the new order of colour-blind openness. Rather than a hell for the average Australian and a denial of his identity, as multiculti is, we see the system-sayers saying their view is the 'light'. This is the totalitarian impulse. They seek to drive out the 'dark' within us all, almost like revivalist preachers. These people are on mission and they know that the battle is one of time.

10. Governments and politicians need to take more decisive action to stop and prosecute any person who engages in promoting racism and hatred, including media representatives.

Our reply: The threat of violence. Prosecution means gag orders, fines and imprisonment. The charge is 'racism and hatred'. We refuse to believe that many Australians, in their criticisms of immigration and multiculturalist policy, are racist - or hate people. That is part of the moral explosive packed into the charge. It dehumanises the person to be gagged, prosecuted or gaoled. Anyone from activists to media person is to be silenced. Multicultural Nazism is born.

11. State anti-discriminatory, community relations or police agencies need to be. given more power to assertively implement laws against discrimination and xenophobia.. Islamophobia, i.e., vilification of Muslims, ought to be included in the various state and federal anti-discrimination and anti-vilification laws, as recommended by HREOC.

Our reply: Now the demand is that the respective State and Federal 'anti-racism' groups become proactive, find 'offenders' and deal with them. This means locating people to 'complain' against a person or group who/which offends them and swing into action. Alternatively, the suggestion is these bodies be able to act unilaterally. With no need to locate a complainant, the boards and thought-police tribunals just issue summonses? No fairness here. Just targetting. The threat of "police agencies" is new. That means a person is to be arrested for his thoughts? Stasi? Gestapo? KGB? The gloablist liberal multiculti system now reaches for the grail: dictatorial power!

12. Greater public attention needs to be given to addressing the social problem of over-consumption of alcohol by some youth in Australian society, which promotes a "culture of booze" with no sense of responsibility.

Our reply: Possibly. Of course this is here only because it is claimed that grog contributed to the "riot" at Cronulla on December 11. If Aussie kids drink less, then we could only say 'good'. But again, we see the fear mentality in our would-be dictators.

13. Australians need to re-consider the question of "identity," especially that of the popular culture of youth rooted in the triumph of individualism and a lack of sense of the future.

Our reply: Sense of the future? What future does open-door immigration, the fifty-millions-on-the-Continent fantasy offer to Australian youth? Are the would-be dictators saying they wish to control what passes as youth culture? Obviously, despite the years of multiracialist music, something has gone wrong if nasty Australian patriotic youth are the products of youth culture generally!? A new model of "identity" is now to be enforced.

14. The post-riots efforts at reconciliation by local Christians and suffers in Cronulla and members of the Lebanese community need to be acknowledged as positive models for building friendship, trust and reconciliation.

Our reply: Naturally. There is a section of the Christian community which advances a liberal perspective, favouring open-door immigration, self-efacement towards other faiths to the point where one wonders why these 'Christians' just don't become Hindus, or Buddhists, or Moslems - and a type of pacifism in lieu of defence. Christianity itself is under attack! While we are sure, no reasonable person of any group resident in Sydney welcomes violence, it is equally the case that the government sponsored 'official representatives' from various communities to preach mealy-mouthed 'reconciliation'. None of this addresses the alienation of the Middle Eastern groups from Australia itself, the criminal and political dynamics operating within the youth of these groups. We are left with a propaganda display.

15. Cronulla beaches constitute a recreational area for all peoples, and community and local government agencies should implement policy and encourage community cooperation to ensure that use of the beaches do not remain a "'territorial" issue and all users should engage in responsible conduct.

Our reply: This is the clear statement that areas 'segregated' in some manner for beach-goers, will never be tolerated. If the multiculturalists have to smother Cronulla in police to allow Bankstown/Lakemba residents to resume weekends there, they'll do it. It is incumbent on the Councillors of Sutherland Shire to obey. Responsible conduct? Only until the police move on.

16. Efforts need to be made to engage in dialogue with those Cronulla residents who did not see the Cronulla conflict in terms of "racism," but rather as a protest over how the beaches are being used by outsiders.

Our reply: This is classic divide and rule. In any struggle, there are degrees of consciousness and degrees of intensity. The aim of this strategy is to separate those who saw the Cronulla incidents as a matter of culture and Australian ethnic defence, from those concerned only with lawbreakers. Once the multiculti authorities detach the two, they curry favour with the latter group, turning them against the former. Clever. Our aim must be to associate the lawbreaking with a cultural predisposition to the complained of behaviour. And to point out the deception!

17. More resources should be allocated to the youth sector, regardless of ethnicity, to ensure a fair share of opportunities and facilities, and the use of public spaces, including beaches, need to support youth-oriented activities.

Our reply: Of course. This entails a policy to invent and sustain a new set of social and community organizations loyal to and responsive to the multiculti order. Fair share or special share?

18. Policies and resources to overcome the social isolation of the youth of some ethnic communities, as well as their high rates of unemployment, need to be considered in addressing potential situations of social conflict.

Our reply: This reverse discrimination will throw large sums of money to provide social entertainment and distraction for some groups (sport clubs, community halls, equipment, education costs), while ignoring the Euro-Australian majority. It also will involve giving jobs to members of chosen groups before the Euro-Australian majority. The anti-Australian racism of the dictators allows them, in this manner, to vent their hate in the name of positive empowerment of minorities.

19. Lifeguards and police personnel need to be capable of dealing with issues such as racism and sexual harassment before they escalate into direct violence.

Our reply: This means that lifeguards have become 'special constables' in the enforcement of the ideology and order. To be "capable" of dealing with "issues", they must be educated. This means, they wear the brainwash. As defacto police, they police behaviours at the level just below a breach of the peace. This would place these people in a dubious legal position under civil law, but we are dealing here with a system moving towards a totalitarian method.

20. Police multicultural or ethnic advisory units need to look into ways to empower police personnel to counter racial discrimination.

Our reply: Ahhh. At last. The open statement that policing must be formally political. The named units are the political-commissars of the force. They 'educate' the police in what is expected of them and then the police act. What do police do? Well, police investigate 'crime' - and arrest suspects! The 'crime' in this case could be bad employers who place Australians first in some way that circumvents the legislation on non-discrimination (sic), or a landlord who won't rent to refugees etc., or it can mean targetting organizations or persons who deny the virtues of multiculti and work against it. Stasi? Gestapo? KGB? The open politicisation of the police must be challenged by the nationalists approaching police directly to struggle against the totalitarian model.

21. An active rather than passive citizenship should be promoted to resist hate mongering; to express solidarity with peoples subject to racist attacks; to cooperate with the police services in creating a nonviolent social order; and to revisit the barriers to inclusive citizenship in civil society.

Our reply: Yes, informers, block mobilizations, organized community work, all the old methods of communism and fascism now to be used by capitalist globalist 'democrats'. Inclusive citizenship means that it will be held as your responsibility to cooperate in enforcing the new order. Do you rise if you pimp on a friend? If you are seen doing the right thing by appearing at demonstrations in support of nice asylum seekers or refugees, does your chosen party or church laud you. Do you get recognised in the media and get an award - or a reward? The word 'evi'l - does not quite define this new policy initiative.

22. Governments and citizens should maintain clear policy responsibilities for monitoring far-right racist groups who seek to exploit situations of public tensions, discontent and crisis and lead them toward racism While such groups have thus far mobilized only a minority of supporters, vigilance is needed to ensure that they do not succeed in bringing their racist agenda into the mainstream by manipulating the concerns of individuals over some issues.

Our reply: Domestic espionage as was once directed at the Communist Party is now to be focused on nationalists and patriots of all sorts. Putting aside the smear thar the nationalists are 'racists', we most certainly intend to become mainstream, to mobilize wider sections of the people and we understand the fear of the new dictators. For citizens to have a 'policy responsibility' implies that many will be organized against the nationalists and this should be promoted as a normal thing to do. To monitor also means to inform upon. Will this be denied?

23. Multiculturalism should be affirmed as a solution to, rather than a cause of the problems that occurred at Cronulla. It should be recognized that multiculturalism has been a success in Australia for many years, helping to overcome potential conflicts among diverse groups and creating social cohesion. The victories of multiculturalism should be acknowledged and celebrated as a demographic fact, as well as an ethos and social process.

Our reply: We think they doth protest too much. The system has failed. The totalitarian mentality is that by asserting something as a fact, it becomes one. This reads almost as an old-time communist paper reporting on a famine by saying: 'agricultural workers show great diligence'. Everything becomes Alice In Wonderland. However, it foreshadows an intensifying propaganda offensive.

24. Multicultural societies like Australia need to promote a multiculturalism based on anti-racism, human rights, and social justice.

Our reply: Since Australia itself is being defined by the globalists as 'multicultural', we may now see the reinvention of multiculturalism in a more virulent form. Anti-racism means denigrating the culture and heritage of the Euro-Australian majority. Human Rights means the doctrine that makes some more human than others and in need of special assertive laws. Social justice means advancing some people ahead of others. George Orwell's '1984' has arrived.

25. There is a need to establish norms for living together that break down an "us and them" mentality and overcome racism and class divisions; and promote civilized dialogue and strategies of nonviolence and conflict resolution.

Our reply: We reach the stage of the globalist commune, organised locally, happy and tranquil. We may anticipate that the capitalists intend to use anti-racism as a means to brainwash the stupid into accepting their declining living conditions. After all, if a worker who lost his job through cheap labour or because of free trade won't protest because that implies 'racism', a powerful weapon is in the hands of the traitor boss class. Such a boon is our multiculturalist propagandist!

26. There should be concerted efforts to address and engage the criticisms of multiculturalism, including re-emergent assimilationist thinking and finding ways to talk to forces that stand for anti-multiculturalism.

Our reply: The multiculturalists prefer their method even over multi-racial assimilation. Although they crave the disappearance of the Euro-Australian group by any means, they do not want to amalgamate all the groups into a brown soup worshipping 'ChrIsluddindujudism'. They want to maintain their model. In the other context, they are talking of the massive expansion of propaganda, a veritable Propaganda Ministry flood of material to push their view.

27. The research and policy infrastructures for multiculturalism, which have been under-resourced or dismantled in recent years, should be re-established.

Our reply: Indeed, the Propaganda Ministry must be organised! This provides state employment for the 'educated' ranks of multiculti-land.

28. Australian leaders and the Australian public need to reconsider post-9/11 state policies which have given legitimacy to the use of force, power, coercion and militarism in advancing political and social objectives and helped to fuel micro-level violent behavior.

Our reply: This one is a double-deception. On one level, they could be saying that the so called 'war on terror' has fueled a certain fear etc of Middle Eastern groups in Australia. In one way, the multiculti globalist order couldn't help that one. They set out to revenge against their former agent, Bin Ladin, then invade Iraq to serve the oil companies and Israel. It was impossible to say that openly, so the system could let the average Joe blow off a little steam by saying negative things of the Arab and Moslem migrant groups inside our country. However, the Cronulla Civil Uprising, was based upon Australian feelings and attitudes. Australian patriots have always differentiated the immigraton policy from the globalists plan to impose McDonalds culture on the Arab and Moslem worlds. If there was an overlap, it was a small one. It seems likely however, that the multiculti commissars are advising the government to be careful, not to let loose with rhetoric that causes anyone to think they're 'hard' on Middle Eastern immigration. After all, the aim is to make Islam just another religion and integrate the migrants into capitalism. It's a hard road to follow. It comes down to the security problem: you can't attack Moslem countries and expect these minorities to stay forever quiet. Violence is coming.

29. There should be a turning away from official policies and discourses that have accentuated a culture of fear (e.g., insecurity and terrorism) creating a "worrying" nation that is less compassionate and caring.

Our reply: This is a direct appeal to mobilize the chattering classes of Sunday School teachers, those who hide run-away-refugees, overseas-aid-donors, adopt-a-child-from-Africa do-gooders and so forth, into a multiculti jihad. The state's wars must be waged in silence (!) in a world where War Is Peace, but the internal brainwash may be pursued with the moral input of these great demobilizers of community passion!

30. Government leaders should express a commitment to multiculturalism by allocating adequate resources for projects, enact legislation against racism and religious vilification, and monitor government departments and agencies in implementing the Government's multicultural policy in their respective programs.

Our reply: In this regard, the mobilization to impose the new order demands new laws, tougher penalties, to make it impossible to criticise the real villain of Middle East war (Israel) all the while passing laws about racial and religious vilification that supposedly protects Moslems - but which is used to label any criticism of Israel as anti-semitism (criticism of Jews as Jews)! Such fraudsters our multiculti commissars are! And not only that. All government officials and agencies must be monitored to make sure they are doing their bit in the new order revolution.

31. Public defense and promotion of multiculturalism is strongly needed, including raising the motive of economic self-interest (e.g., export opportunities; recruitment of overseas students), which can be negatively affected if Australia is perceived as being racist.

Our reply: Here we see the shameless support of greed as a principle. Anyone who profits, or who wishes to profit, from export must support the official ideology and see in any challenge, a threat to their economic standing. Yes. Equally, it means for us that those who are disadvantaged by the system must fight it. We note that the commissars support the overseas student program, a machination that denies Australians access to their own facilities and which permits aliens to migrate to Australia later to take jobs that the native-born were denied.

32. A concept of "multicultural citizenship" should be considered to complement the multicultural framework of Australian national identity, and provide a genuinely political identity for all Australians based on universal human rights, peace and non­violence.

Our reply: In this regard the multiculturalists seek to abolish the idea of Australian as we once knew it and carry the present ad hoc system into a new reality. Australian is to be defined by each and all sharing a civic culture acted out by rituals that endorse the ideology. What is this multicultural citizenship? Does it mean that to serve in office or act in any public function, people must swear to it as a loyalty test?

33. Multiculturalism should be conceptualized as a policy which creates spaces for different communities to grow at their own pace while being enriched via interaction, and to create a new "consensual culture" which recognizes and respects their own identities.

Our reply: This gobbledegook inplies a country which is a patchwork of petty identities interacting in a market place..Entich? Perhaps by food and a song and dance routine? Rather, the new groups can enter and do as they choose as long as they obey the marketplace.The consensual culture is just an agreement to wallow in the symbolic references of another culture - and call that 'sophistication. This is a coffee shop pipe dream.

34. In analyzing the Cronulla situation and possible other sites of conflict, the complexities of multiculturalism and of racism should be acknowledged. Furthermore, in recognizing the paradoxes and ambiguities of multiculturalism, there is a need to broaden the popular constructions of Australian identity. It is essential to ask, "who decides" what ought to be the national "core values" of Australian society.

Our reply: This is an admission of failure in nice words about reinventing the dream! Multiculturalism has drowned in its complexities. It is necessary to posit the core as the new civic religion of a multicultural citizenship before the divergent groups tear even that - apart.

35. In rethinking multiculturalism, it is important to avoid "cultural fetishism," a tendency to see others in terms of single cultural identity, which can encourage exclusion, in which individuals are essentialized according to narrow group cultural attributes.

Our reply: Here the multiculturalist lies twice. Only an example can explain. A Chinese traditional capitalist minded migrant is encouraged to come to Australia and be 'Chinese'. He likes that because he has no connection here anyway. He can live 'Chinese' and be connected to the Great Motherland. However, the multiculturalist fears he will be seen as 'too alien' and then, and most significantly, not part of the enforced Australian anarchy. He must therefore adopt another 'identity', perhaps,sexual, perhaps lifestyle. This renders him more 'complex' and more a part of the anarchic diversity. Whether traditional Chinese would wish to conform is a problem the new commissars will have to work out for themselves.

36. Youth in multicultural Australia should be understood as having multiple "belonging" and identities in cultural, religious, social and other dimensions. They develop intercultural relationships, which broaden their lives.

Our reply: This is the dream of identity as a shirt worn for the amusement of the wearer. He may discard it when he wants to look different or when he tires of it. Identity also implies 'gender' or 'sexual' identity. Identity is a matter of disposition not territory or blood or in the social context - occupation etc. We see the ultimate being under globalism, a humanoid in a marketplace able to be whatever he/she/it wants, where satisfaction of wants defines life. Ultimately, this sort of identity is meaningless for a society without a meaning, only an existence.

37. Being critical of multiculturalism does not necessarily mean rejection of its positive aspects and practices, while endorsement of multiculturalism does not mean a lack of affirmation of core Australian values.

Our reply: Who are they talking to? This suggests atype of divide and rule also. They are likely telling 'critical' people that there are areas where they may agree (for example some critics like all the patterns of migration, but actually endorse 'multi-racial assimilation' up to and including, biological amalgation). They are conning real critics by saying that those who love the doctrine can still support "core" values. But what are they? We live in a time where the state has core values (mateship, fair-go, flag waving, taking out citizenship and speaking English) and the nationalists have another concept, resting in the historical cultural experience of the European Australian nation defining itself locally. These sets of 'core values' are in utter opposition to each other.

38. Multiculturalism is not a failure but is an "unfinished business" that needs to be understood in its complexities in order to build an inclusive Australian society.

Our reply: THe best excuse for failure is to say that it's not finished but still on-going?! The fakirs are reinventing the wheel. It has collapsed in tribalism and now they seek to force things together with an act of political will. This is the mindset of the totalitarian.

39. Open discussion of racism in universities and other institutions should not be suppressed in order to facilitate engagement with those with racist views and who need to be invited to attend anti-racist professional development training.

Our reply: Here the new commissars admit to there being 'enemies' - even in the university environment. They wish to expose them (!) Then they wish to intimidate them with "professional development training". This means forcing them to operate the lie factory thatdenies the Australian identity and imposes the creed of population, expansion, open borders and globalism. Do the new commissars also appeal to the Left student minority to play the 'Red Guard' function and terrorise those in academia who oppose the 'truth'?

40. In addressing the nexus between Indigenous issues and multiculturalism, Indigenous cultures should be affirmed as a core dimension of Australian nationalism and multiculturalism.

Our reply: The multiculturalists know that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait peoples are outside of their false world. This is a trick. THey intend to dissolve the borders and develop Australia for settlement by Asia and for economic exploitation by Asia. These are words to build support amongs the liberal type which likes to delve into inner guilt for the occupation of Australia by the former British Empire whilst coverning their ultimate aims with utter cynicism.

41. The history of oppression, racism, and violence experienced by indigenous peoples in the formation of Australian nationhood needs to be acknowledged, white also noting normative progress towards recognizing "universal norms."

Our reply: The use of guilt to mobilise the liberal trendy groups is complemented by its use to shame young people from their nationality. This propaganda justifies our Euro-Australian dispossession by the Third World (with the active role of the multinationals and the international banks that emply their labour) for our offence of 'dispossessing' the ancient race. At the same time "universal norms" means finally compelling Aborigines to give up whatever lands they have to the development of the new Asian trade zone, for the refugee, for the asylum seeker - to accept the free market.

42. There needs to be changes in societal structures to build inclusive norms that enable indigenous Australians to feel they are "Australian."

Our reply: But the indigenous people are not Australian by the definition of either the nationalists nor the multiculturalists. They are the ancient groups which lived on this continent without any such reference point. They are a special case; they deserve justice. They should neither be compelled to live as part of 'White Australia' nor as the Australian branch of world-economy-incorporated. We will give them their identity and justice. The globalists will put them through the meat-grinder of "inclusive norms" that make the ancient songs just part of the blather of multiculti carnivale song-and-dance activities. We call on the indigenous groups to resist globalism side by side with the Euro-Australians that they may win their freedom to be themselves!

43. Refugees as a group have experienced considerable discrimination. Opportunities should be increased to provide them with literacy, and governments should enhance the promotion of their human rights.

Our reply: Why? The refugee cult is used as a battering ram to shatter the nation, undermining its will, identity, independence and its labour rules. The nationalists understand that the refugee invasion broke open Australia's borders in 1976. It is time to reverse the condition. The number of refugees is limitless; more are coming. They are now 'promoted' ahead of Australians, an expression perhaps of the hatred felt for the Australian people by our multiculti political class.

44. Settlement services for newly arrived immigrants and refugees need to be adequately provided to avoid long-term marginalization and alienation from Australian civil society.

Our reply: And they are doing it! Across country Australia, these new masses are the vanguard of resettlement as a new pliable labour class. They are entering the multiculti reality, displacing the Australian people.

45. To develop anti-racism that is "within country" that is respectful of the land, of the ongoing and ancient Indigenous presence, and that inculcates inter-generational responsibility. To develop holistic, multiple-mode, anti-racism education and programs. . .

Our reply: The multiculti dictators are aware that many lies are necessary. Their goals, that will lead to the over-populating of Australia, are peddled with reference to respecting the land - whereas they only respect profit. The indigenous people are a nuisance in the plan for the seizing wider zones of land for settlement, so for now they pretend to 'respect' them. But the totality of anti-racism demands the approach of repudiating the past of the old identity. Hence they purport to respect the original identity (the Aboriginal one) as they prepare to blast Australia to fragments, making it a land inhabited by unrelated masses ruled bysecret and open paramilitary police. What a vision! Hence the importance of multiple mode (ie. something for everyone) anti-racism.

46. Australians should recognize that religion/faith and multiculturalism can work together constructively, and that religions and faiths have successfully integrated into Australian society, living together in productive harmony" under multicultural policies

Our reply: This is the expression of hope that some religious beliefs do not challenge the very pretense of this society. At thispoint of time, an interpretation of Islam - does. It is equally true that multiculti wishes to fuse all religions into one entity, if not in name, but in spirit. The aim is to integrate all religions into the system. This would blur and destroy all faiths.

47. There should be more dialogue between faiths/religions and "secular" society on all issues that bind humanity together, based on the recognition that many Australians embrace a "feeling of unity" across diverse cultures, faiths and classes.

Our reply: This is pure propaganda, stating the myth in order to fulfill it. The new commissars wish to create the consumer, capitalist ethos of the marketplace. We seek a society that works for the whole Australian people not a wealthy minority. The wealthy minority seeks to unite diverse groups around it for profit.

48. Interfaith dialogue should be promoted whereby faith representatives try to deeply understand each other, find common ground in shared values and accept differences. Positive lessons and role models should be learned from many successful initiatives of interfaith and intercultural dialogue, education and action, (e.g., informal interactions, forming friendships, multi-faith services, conferences, international networking, City Councils' interfaith kits and booklets, induction sessions for new clergy, solidarity actions against discrimination and injustice, healing and reconciliation, etc.).

Our reply: In our view, all of this has really one over-riding purpose and is utterly immediate in its meaning. It may have the side-show meaning of bringing Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Parsees and others into the fold, but it is really aimed at the three related monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam. First: Judaism must be celebrated whereby the Zionist faction of Australian Jewry is disguised and they may seemingly act (as they did at the forum where these sixty recommendations were formulated), not as foreign policy manipulators, but as simply reprsentatives of a faith. The Christians are won to Zionism's objective in the Middle East. Islam is tolerated, pacified and allowed to function with state support whereby elements that deny Israel do not gain ground. This one is worthy of ASIO and was probably fabricated there.

49. While faiths/religions deserve to be recognized as part of the international "heritage," faith leaders and institutions also need to avoid being "co-opted" or "hijacked" for narrow, partisan political agendas that lead to conflicts and even violence, and speak out publicly against those extremists who use religion as a destructive force.

Our reply: Given what we have just observed, this follows logically. While the Islamists are certainly the enemy of any European-based society, they are, right now also, an enemy of the globalists. We are entertained by the hypocrisy of the multiculturalists. They must defeat 'terrorism' before they can exploit the Moslem countries. Home grown terrorists, critical of their invasions of Moslem lands are embarrassing indeed. Even worse, they might through their anti Australian and anti white hate , encourage Australians to reject multiculturalism itself.

50. There is a need to try to bring people holding extremist views into interfaith dialogue initiatives. However, it is most crucial to work with those who not be committed yet to any position, and to convince them that respect and understanding is better than extremist views.

Our reply: This is an adaption of the program. Divide and rule. Here they fight to diffuse the terrorist mentality before it mobilizes in Australia. If terrorism emerges, then their economic order is damaged and the Australian people turn also against them. The structures to reorient Moslems towards inter-faith chatter are essential. It is a weakness of the system and one, formed by immigration, of its own making.

51. The assertive role of women in promoting interfaith dialogue and understanding among Muslims, Christians and followers of many other faiths despite a climate of fear, should be acknowledged and supported.

Our reply: Clearly, they use women as it promotes a less confrontational edge. This is a challenge for those who hold the Australian identity dear to find a new generation of women who will be in the vanguard of national resistance.

52. If peoples of faith are serious about their core values and principles, there is a responsibility to go beyond talking and understanding toward solidarity actions to challenge global/ local injustices and unsustainability.

Our reply: The state will intervene to mobilize the religious communities for political objectives. It is not the state's business to interfere in faith. the multiculti dictators are upset that the liberalized religion which has made a mockery of Christianity is not enough. It must now be co-ordinated.

53. The goal of reconciliation in Australia should challenge faith and interfaith communities to transform their relationships with indigenous peoples.

Our reply: Such a lie! There is no 'reconciliation'. This was a fiction. Aborigines were told that they would receive release from the past. The big marches of May 2000 are forgotten now as those who promoted them went on to call for opening the refugee detention centres and opening the borders, things which, as far as anyone reasonable can see, don't exactly advance the Aboriginal position. Are the multiculti dictators fearful that the Aborigines have seen through their trick and just might, in a historic compromise of momentous proportion, see in the white Australian nationalists their only friends? Or is it just to continue the propaganda line that the whites were guilty for dispossessing the Aborigines, which grants to the new arrival their 'right' to dispossess us?

54. All individuals need to question if they may also be complicit in racist, unjust and unsustainable structures and to peacefully transform those structures at local and global levels (e.g., institutionalized racism, unfair trade, power of transnational corporations, militarization, human rights violations, ecological destruction, etc.).

Our reply: This is a bundle of tricks because multiculti is the product of the corporations who rape the earth and impose themselves by force! However, the sting in the tail is our "need to question" ourselves. This is psychological mumbo jumbo, far more dangerous in tone than a dose of Scientology. This is the basic technique of the brainwash, Maoist style 're-education'. We have to purge our own evil. Once we have done this, we are as empty bottles, ready to be refilled with Big Brother's love.

55. Faiths should help move people to re-think the meaning of "happiness," which has been entrapped in consumerism, power and self-centredness, and to question the ideology of over-consumerism that underpins injustices and unsustainability, which fuel conflicts worldwide.

Our reply: What rubbish is this? Is the boom over? Are the capitalist globalists saying: 'sorry', but everybody won't get rich when the borders come down and free movement of labour and capital is the norm'? So faith is the substitute for well-being? Or is this just an attack upon Christianity, because we Australians are generally Christian and are 'rich' in comparison to the Third World? Is is that we have to share our Continent with whomsoever and need to be accustomed to - having less? Cheap labour plans?

56. All faiths also need to engage in substantive education for active nonviolence among their followers, so that conflicts may not escalate easily into a cycle of violence and counter-violence, but rather move toward constructive resolution and reconciliation.

Our reply: This is aimed largely at the Moslems, which is a curiosity. After all, the multiculturalists want the Moslems to become just another church on the block. Extremists cannot be allowed to exist there. Some might also promote anti-Zionism which is also 'not on' because the Australian state supports Israel. Wow! What a juggling act this is! What a house of cards! Stripping theIslamic community of its men of violence also lessens community tensions, so the multiculti dictators can get on with leading Australia into the Asian Pacific Economic Order, into a mighty free trade zone. When one brings 'education' into religion, that means that the state has intruded in faith. Interesting, and what a recipe for further violence. The Islamists may yet be the unlikely agents in the actual destruction of multiculturalism.

57. Interfaith dialogue needs to be accompanied by an openness to intra-faith dialogue, whereby beliefs, interpretations, and practices within each faith community are self-critically examined for their consistency with values and principles essential to the building of a culture of peace and a multiculturalism that upholds the well-being of all members of society and our common humanity.

Our reply: The multiculturalists are now ready to strike at the two main contending religions: Christianity and Islam. Each is to be turned into part of a loopy mosaic. Christianity will be stripped of anything that gives it a universalist push towards conversions or as the 'religion of the nation' (as old believers have it). Only the liberal interpretation of goodness and gentility will be allowed. Islam will be gutted of the jihad and its certainties to become another revelation of godliness, a social creed for sharing and benevolence. It is unlikely true devotees on either side will allow this. Judaism will probably be off the hit list. Some other faiths already have their New Age re-inventions. The invention of a merged-together religious expression based around multiculti is a new totalitarian project. Not only are they great men of national vision, they now seek to redefine the gods. Perhaps those the gods destroy, they first make mad?

58. While it should be recognized as helpful in promoting global dialogue and networking among marginalized, there should also be a critical examination and challenging of electronic media and cyberspace which are now a major source of ideas on racism and violence, and can become a barrier to broader social dialogue.

Our reply: The multiculturalists are angry, that just as they use the international media, so the Internet had the power to democratize protest - against them. It also brought about dialogue and networkings amongst groups and persons who stand for national freedom and ethnic identities, people of sometimes different races and nationalities, but who object to the melting-pot sickness. What now: censor the Internet?

59. Schools as formal educational institutions have a major responsibility in helping children and youth, who bring views and attitudes from their families and communities into the classroom, to critically analyze their own ideas and become open to challenging beliefs which may promote racism, discrimination, violence and disrespect.

Our reply: They intend that the children inform on their parents, first by exposing their parents 'racist' views to others (will notes be taken by responsible teachers?) and then by criticizing their parents in Maoist style in the classrooms; then, they are to return home to re-educate their parents in the new anti-racism. The composed 'lists' will open the parents to state harassment.

60. Citizenship education should be based on a holistic approach to living in and to be "caretakers" of Australia and encouraging people to be responsible custodians of the land, and to love and peacefully share the land in their hearts in cooperation with indigenous peoples.

Our reply: Yet no one ever asked the Aboriginal and Torres Strait peoples if they wanted mass settlement of Australia from the Third World, so-called asylum seekers and refugees and one day - climate refugees. It is utterly correct for anyone living on this Continent to accept his role as a steward of the land; but it is utterly false for the multiculturalists and mass immigration lobbies to speak of loving the land they intend to over-populate and the indigenous groups they intend to deny any future to at all.

No further commentary on this scheme for dictatorship is necessary. It is time to organize the Australian resistance.

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