Australia First Party Registered In New South Wales

The 'Australia First (Council Elections) Party' (to be known as Australia First Party on the ballot) has been registered in New South Wales under the Local Government Act (1993).

The registration, confirmed on August 31 over a single objection, will be backdated to August 24, to enable the party to participate in the Local Government Elections of September 2008.

The party will contest the 2008 election, with candidates now scheduled for Coffs Harbour, Newcastle and the Sutherland Shire. It is expected other candidates will come forward soon for another area in Greater-Sydney and in Griffith. The party is looking closely at other areas in New South Wales.

This new registration of Australia First Party will undoubtedly be the first in a series across the country. The New South Wales chairman of the Australia First Party proper, Dr. Jim Saleam, said on September 3:

"This achievement is important, not just for nationalism in New South Wales, but for the reinvigoration of the entire movement across Australia. It means that we are in a position to give effect to our plan to localise nationalist ideas and activities, to seek representation at the local level by building popular support."

The construction of the movement locally may entail new initiatives. Dr. Saleam concluded:

"We can now raise nationalist ecological concerns to challenge the pro population Greens Party, to fight for local workers and farmers and small business people against globalist projects in their own backyards, to fight multiculturalist propaganda at the coalface. This will be a new and exciting phase for nationalist activism because we will be building the only political project that works - a movement outside of the old Left/Right divisions, to do something for the Australian people as a unity."

The Councils party has named the following officers: N. Baird, Registered Officer, N. Smith, Deputy Registered Officer, J. Saleam, Secretary, T. Cooksley, Agent.