Report: NZ Flag Day Was A Great Success For The Nationalists: ANZAC Ties Strengthened Between NZ And Australian Nationalists!

Dr. Jim Saleam

It was the New Zealand Nationalist Alliance (NA) which invited me personally - and Australia First Party generally - to participate in Flag Day. The NA is an alliance of the nationalist forces in that country, featuring the New Zealand National Front (NF), the National Democrats, the New Right and other social and music groups.

The task of organizing the Day fell upon the Wellington branch of the National Front. In particular, 'Vince' the key organizer, revealed himself a veritable dynamo. Vince liaised with the police, established the security for the march and set up a camping venue for the out-of-town nationalists. Given that Flag Day would be an occasion for the re-organisation of the nationalist movement in New Zealand, all matters had to proceed smoothly - and Vince ensured they did.

On the Day itself, some 40 or so nationalists who were staying at a Lower Hutt caravan park, assembled at a nearby railway station, where by arrangement, they were met by police. We took the train to Wellington's main station with police escort, arriving about 11.15 am. Here we were met by additional activists and further police. The marchers assembled and we marched to Parliament.

A raft of two dozen or so NZ flags were carried aloft along with two flags of our own: the Australian National Flag and the Southern Cross. A large National Front banner led the way.

A counter-demonstration was touted for weeks. The anarchists operate a so-called "anti racist" and "anti-fascist" movement. As they told it in Indy Media, the on-line newspaper, some 65 demonstrators met the forty nationalists (or as they say - "fascists"). In absolute truth - it was the other way around in terms of numbers, but not quite. Just under 70 nationalists were confronted by 34 or so anarchists!

For the extreme left in Wellington, this was a severe defeat! Considering that a few years before hundreds had attacked the marchers, this year, tells a new story. Indeed, criminal proceedings against leftists in related movements of late, had clearly crashed the numbers. Today, these anarchists are demoralised.

Outside the old nineteenth century Parliament building, our rally commenced. Onlookers also joined in. The NF secretary, Mr. Colin Ansell spoke. He was followed by Mr. Steve Larsen of New Right. Both gentlemen reminded the crowd of why we were there. They said that New Zealand had pride in the Flag first raised in 1869 and made the national symbol in 1902. It honoured the war dead; it united modern (not just colonial) New Zealanders. Given that Flag Day is not generally celebrated in New Zealand, its use by the nationalists as a festival of Kiwi identity, is most creditable.

I also stepped up to speak. What did I say? The following is close to my actual words.


New Zealand patriots,

It is growing more imperative by the day that New Zealanders and Australians recognise their common bonds.

Flag Day in Wellington, the honouring of this country's war dead, are symbols of Kiwi pride. As an Australian, I acknowledge these things as part of a common heritage. This heritage is our ANZAC connection.

This event today has been organised by the New Zealand National Front with the support of the New Zealand Nationalist Alliance which works to build a united front for all patriots in this country. I represent the Australia First Party which is in solidarity with the Alliance and its affiliate-parts. We bring Flag Day our greetings.

On April 25 this year, ANZAC Day exactly six months ago, the two organizations adopted the ANZAC Declaration. We later authored an ANZAC Manifesto. These documents set out to explain that the two countries face similar dangers and will share a common evil fortune, unless they rebuild the old bonds. The rise of Chinese imperialism, the immigration nightmare, the destruction of our jobs and communities through free trade, all demand a united response.

It is no accident that the rebirth of the two countries as independent realities based upon their Euro culture but with new identities born of history, is opposed here by the same negative forces as would oppose us in Australia. These dross will serve only to delay your victory but not frustrate it. Inside the parliament sit men in suits who would sell out their country, to globalise it. Here protesting are those unclean drugged out ones who would do the exact same thing. How ironic, and yet these out here say they are opposed to those in there. It's almost scum above and scum below.

In twenty years Flag Day in New Zealand will be a mass event of celebration for the New Zealand Nation. It will be shared by an official delegation of an Australian State. Together we work for that day.

For now, know we have honoured our forebears today and guaranteed that future.


New Zealand's Dominion Post paper, for October 25, had reported that the rally would take place that morning and television was present. Two main stations interviewed Mr. Ansell and one interviewed me. I reiterated my words and said that the NZ movement was professionalising itself as were we in Australia!

After the rally, police escorted the marchers back to the railway station. Here, as a couple of members of the NF were separated from the remainder, the anarchists attempted a cowardly attack, on this occasion outnumbering the patriots. Police intervened and two were arrested for disorderly conduct and the others dispersed. Police commended the nationalists for their discipline.

Again the police escorted our demonstration back by train to Lower Hutt. Within a short time, some festivities began and a number of meetings and discussions went on into the night.

The Flag Day had attracted the leading nationalists from the various cities of the country. They were thus able to meet in conference and decide how to advance the movement overall. Naturally, I cannot say too much right now on all that until the Kiwis make their announcements. But moves are on track to register a party in New Zealand and to intensify nationalist activity everywhere.

It was important to Australia First Party to develop its links with New Zealand nationalism. I had the opportunity to converse with many activists and leaders. It was positive to have further discussions with Kerry Bolton of Renaissance Press and Kyle Chapman of Nationalist Alliance about an array of important issues. Australian nationalists were invited to the 2009 Flag Day.

It is obvious that NZ nationalism is again developing momentum. In unity, the ANZAC bond, we will achieve much in 2009.