Statement: Australia First Party Denies "Infiltration" By Fake KKK. This Provocation Will Be Repudiated In Struggle

The management committee of Australia First Party conferred today over an article under the by-line of Eric Jensen in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning.

The article's headline proclaims: "We have infiltrated party: KKK".

The infiltration claims were made by one David J. Palmer of Sydney, "Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan in Australia."

We say there is no such "Ku Klux Klan" in existence and that Mr. Palmer directs no such organization.

Mr. Palmer's claims are identical in substance to media reports of over ten years ago when, in the same Sydney Morning Herald under the by-line of the notorious anti nationalist journalist Greg Roberts, Palmer said he had "infiltrated the One Nation party".

Australia First Party denounces the groundless commentary of Mr. Palmer as provocation pure and simple.

The Australia First Party was warned over four months ago that, as the date approached for us to make any statement regarding our registration as a Federal party, Mr. Palmer could come forward. Whilst being interviewed in connection with this and another article for the Sydney Morning Herald, Dr. Jim Saleam for Australia First replied to a question by Mr. Jensen concerning David Palmer: "that in any interview he might do with this subject, Mr. Palmer could likely assert some connection with our party."

Australia First Party says that rather than hinder it, the recent publicity has stiffened the resolve of the membership and the leadership to overcome all obstacles. This provocation will be repudiated in the struggle.

Management Committee, Australia First Party, July 10 2009.