Australia First Will Support Mick Saunders For Penrith On June 19

Australia First Party will field Mr. Mick Saunders in the by-election for the New South Wales State electorate of Penrith. The by-election was caused by the resignation of the MP over corruption matters. No date has been set.

Because Australia First is not registered as a State party with the NSW Electoral Commission (although we are registered for Councils' polls), no party affiliation will appear next to his name on the ballot paper. That is not a concern this time.

The party recognises that the electorate of Penrith sits about 90% inside the larger boundaries of the Federal electorate of Lindsay where Mick Saunders will certainly be the Australia First Party candidate later this year.

This geographic circumstance allows Australia First to raise the profile of Mick Saunders generally and to advance nationalist themes in this poll. It is widely expected that the Labor Party vote will crash and alternate candidates may feature stronger.

A Penrith electoral programme will appear very soon and will be published on the NSW website.

The party will need the full support of our Sydney area members and our resources for extensive leafleting and polling booth work. There are some 44,000 voters.

Organizing will begin shortly

Australia First Supports Mick Saunders For Penrith / Australia First Politics Comes To The Blue Mountains
May 19 2010

The Australia First Party will sponsor Mr. Mick Saunders for the by-election in the New South Wales seat of Penrith on June 19. The electorate covers lower Blue Mountains areas such as Lapstone and Glenbrook.

Australia First Party will field Mr. Saunders in Lindsay (an electorate that subsumes Penrith) in the Federal poll later this year.

The party will be registered Federally by then (the party application for registration is now in the public consultation phase), but it is not registered for State elections.

The party is registered for Council polls in New South Wales and will field Mr. Tony Pettitt for Hawkesbury Council also on June 19.

Mr. Mick Saunders said today:

"I am pleased to be able to represent Australian workers, small business people and other working Australians on the ballot on June 19. I believe that voters are tired of machine politics. Where I encounter ordinary people I'm told: "why vote Laber-al? what's the point?" I agree. In this poll, I will be aiming to put into words what people are thinking on matters of real importance."

Dr. Jim Saleam, chairman of the party in New South Wales added today:

"The Saunders campaign will be the first real occasion to interest Blue Mountains people in the politics of Australia First. We have initiated a group in the Mountains and a blogsite to express our views. We are certain to tap into groups outside of the major parties and the Greens".

Mick Saunders concluded:

"I expect that the Greens will have much to say against Australia First. I reject any idea that the Greens are really an environmentalist party. They are a humanist party. I suppose that whenever the interests of a koala or a refugee stand in opposition, the koala loses every time. Rather than defend the Australian ecosystem, these folks, despite some noises, refuse to address the question of population. Their sanctimonious morality doesn't cut it. We hope to force this question onto the agenda."

The Mick Saunders campaign leaflet which will appear in letterboxes from this weekend says:

Penrith has seen corruption and now it deserves honesty. That can't come from the Lab/Lib politicians. We need a worker in parliament.

Mick Saunders is 52 yrs and has lived most of his life in Western Sydney. He is married with three children. Mick has served in the Australian Army and has worked in the railway at Penrith.

In July 2008, as the New South Wales co-ordinator of the National Truck Shutdown, he defended the interests of Australian truckies against unfair work practices which undermined livelihoods and job independence.

A People's Programme

1. There is an open plan to explode the population of Western Sydney. Land can be acquired by force and sold off to developers. Stop this population explosion and the immigration invasion of our suburbs!

2. Public assets should remain in public hands. Get back what has been stolen!

3. Citizens' Initiated Referenda. That means people can propose laws and have them voted on. That's real democracy!

4. End the road tolls. Take State taxes off fuel. No more private roadways. Make road rules 'national' so they don't vary State to State.

5. Corruption? Make the guilty pay back the community in full