Products And Services

To serve the nationalist community in general and the AFP in particular, we are offering a number of products and services. We offer our own printed materials and worthwhile materials produced by other patriotic organizations and persons.

(The AFP is not necessarily linked to any person/organization named here.)

The T-Shirt Shop

The shop has on offer a number of professionally produced T-Shirts.

Titles include: Dinki Di Aussie Patriot (featuring the National Flag) on blue shirt; The Spirit Of Eureka (blue shirt, white writing and Southern Cross flag etc) ; 'Tell 'em I died game', featuring Ned Kelly holding his helmet; Australian Commonwealth Military Forces, green shirt and gold print, with military sunrise; Viking ship, black shirt, white print; Celtic Cross with words 'Our race is our nation' and 'Celtic Warrior'.

All shirts $25 includes postage and handling. Send to P.O. Box 593 Rockdale 2216.

A table regularly has these shirts for sale at the Ken Burton Gun Show and the Penrith Gun Show (check for dates).

Leaflets: The AFP has an array of leaflets - on Citizens' Initiated Referendum, the immigration menace, the General Agreement On Trade In Services. All leaflets are available for $7.00 per 100 posted.

Stickers: The AFP produces adhesive stickers with various slogans. Assortment $10.00 per 100 posted.

Rallying Point Information Service: See elsewhere on this site. The Rallying Point Information Service supplies a wide array of pamphlets on the entire gamut of Australian history, culture and politics. This is the best source of nationalist material for the instruction of new contacts and to arm yourselves for political discussion.

The News Report: This is Australia's best nationalist Internet news bulletin. Published around 4 - 5 times weekly, it can be obtained free. Just send an e-mail to

The News Report provides local and overseas material written by conservative, politically-incorrect or nationalist authors, that challenges the parameters of New World Order liberalism and capitalism. Of course, readers may donate to ensure the survival of this unique electronic publication.

Sydney Forum: The Forum is an annual event in Sydney that brings together the best of Australia's nationalist and patriotic speakers. The Forum, held in September 2002, featured Neil Baird, Bob Doring, Jim Saleam, Ray Hoser, Joe Bryant, and special guest Dr. Saad Al Samarai, charge d'affaires of the Republic of Iraq. In 2003, the Forum featured Ron Owen and others. In 2004, the Forum had Stuart McBeth of the Patriotic Youth League and many others. The 2005 Forum received national publicity when its German speaker was banned from entering Australia. See the links page for the Forum web site and click on for news. The 2006 featured a Syrian representative speakingon the Middle Eastcrisis in Lebanon and Iraq.Tickets from P.O. Box N291 Grosvenor Place 1220.

The Strategy newspaper: This is a "free press" publication under the editorship of Mr. Ray Platt. It is a patriotic paper that represents and reports on, a wide range of Australian patriotic opinion and action. It can be contacted at 344 Commercial Road, Yarram, 3971 Phone: (03) 5182 6002 .

The Heritage Book Service: This is one of Australia's oldest patriotic book services. Send for a booklist: P.O. Box 6086 Lake Munmorah 2259 (phone: (02) 4358 3634

United People Power: This group, co-ordinated by Mr. Joe Bryant, campaigns around issues of pressing national concern. Joe has led extensive campaigns against the GATS in recent times. Informative releases, leaflets etc. Write: P.O. Box 270 St. Marys. 2760

The Australian Beacon newspaper: This is a Christian-orientated patriotic paper published by Ray Smyth. It has spoken out for freedom of speech against the Human Rights thought police, against the Iraq war madness and for Australia's essential heritage. Send for a sample to P.O. Box 642 Nanango 4615; E-mail: