Australia First Party Calls Action Forum And Protest On Refugee Invasion
Rally on September 17

The Australia First Party will hold a public protest meeting in Sydney against the refugee invasion. The party denounces the surge in refugee numbers as an element of the recolonization of Australia enforced by the traitor class of power and money.

The protest meeting, to be held on September 17, will feature several speakers.

A draft leaflet to be issued in 50,000 copies to advertize the western Sydney, meeting says in part:

The refugee influx is a government organized invasion of Australia and Australians cop discrimination to advantage aliens.

Why do refugees get public housing?

Why do refugees get cash handouts?

Why is there special health care?

Why can't Australian politicians just refuse entry?

Why are refugees being sent as cheap labour to businesses and to rural areas?

Why do the media and the politicians try to silence Aussies for resisting?

The Australia First Party criticises the Trotskyite and pseudo humanist elements who lurk behind refugee advocacy activities. The attempts by these dross to intimidate ordianry Australians and to drive the debate and public discussion must be countered. Overwhelmingly, Australians reject the open door policy. They need a voice against the various 'Refugee Action coalitions and collectives', the lawyers and the corrupt clergy.

There is a growing popular resistance. This meeting will be a landmark in developing this resistance.