National Drive To Re-Register Australia First

The Australia First Party is working as quickly as possible to apply for federal party registration. This drive began last year and has become a definite labour! Day by day the total membership builds.

AF officials have been advised by the AEC that in order to register the party, the party must comply with new rules. The party must therefore submit, from our larger pool of members, at least 500 new completed membership forms. These new-format forms must conform to new AEC requirements. There are other paper-work rules that govern these forms. An application fee of $500 is also demanded.

There has been a national mailout to all AF members and friends. We would request that you return a completed membership form to the National President, Australia First Party, P.O. 6358 Shepparton 3632. Forms may be handed in to local secretaries where convenient for forwarding to the National Office.

Clearly, the party would like to have our membership data in order, so our application to the AEC can proceed.

A drive is currently under way in all States with members, supporters and friends being contacted to fill in the forms.

Please note that no member will lose his/her membership of Australia First Party Incorporated if only because, for whatever reason, a completed new form for AEC is not returned. Normal membership rules still apply.

As members are aware, the registration of a political party under the Australian Electoral Act is a time consuming process. From the time of lodgement of an application, some 12 weeks are necessary to achieve registration. The time clock to the election is ticking and we would prefer registration by then. But the really exhausting process is the application itself. Hence we call on nationalists to act with their customary energy and complete those forms. If you don't put Australia First - who will?