Draft Political Resolution For The Australia First Conference (June 2009)

March 14 2009

This resolution may vary after internal discussion and conference debate. Issued March 14 2009

The national conference of the Australia First Party is held at a time when it has taken the necessary step towards its registration as a Federal party and when particular political and economic circumstances are favourable to its growth.

As a guide to the party's perception of the current political and economic conditions, the article "For The Globalising Australian State, The Hour Of Reckoning Has Struck", has oriented the party correctly. The party understands that the crisis of the economy now under way, may ultimately extend into a political crisis of the regime with a half-decade. It follows that the overall crisis of the regime shall also exist with the essential backdrop of longer-term physical dangers to the nation itself - threats of population shifts to this Continent and direct foreign intervention preparatory to partition, re-colonisation and fulsome exploitation of the Continent.

Our ultimate objective is to change the regime in Australia and win Australian independence from the New World Order system to which the Australian traitor class is obedient and thereby secure the Australian identity and our freedom. This task is now conceived in the period when the New World Order system is under challenge from many peoples, processes and political movements. Our Australian mission benefits from this challenge.

The party has previously decided that its method of political approach is called the three tier method.

The three tiers are defined as

1. Electoral work, especially local government work, where elections are understood as means to carry on agitation and propaganda such that political 'space' and public 'legitimacy' are acquired.

2. Community action, which means direct action on the behalf of people and in the furtherance of our general campaigns, action based directly in the community, and often by means of demonstration and other action, such that a new movement is built.

3. Ideological development of a counter-world view to globalist liberalism coupled with the idea of Australian-cultural defence, such that the party possesses an Australianist faith with which to replace the old and one which is based in realities of the Australian soil.

It was considered previously that all three tiers in tandem construct a modern political movement. This method is again affirmed.

The party has rejected by its practise since September 2007 (the time of our re-incorporation), the notion that the operation of the three-tier method has any relationship towards making it a 'mainstream' movement.

The party has rejected the idea of mainstreaming' as a recipe for failure. Mainstreaming means trimming policies, style and activities to conform with an artificial scheme of what is supposedly acceptable to the nominal citizen. It usually follows that this perception is media driven. This criticism of mainstreaming is again affirmed.

Accordingly, the Australia First Party takes up the defence of Real Australia, those sections of the Australian workers, farmers, small businesspeople and other patriotic working people who are prepared to defend their class interests by non mainstream means. The unity of these classes generally, constitutes the nation, and the Nation is to be pitted against the 'globalist Australia' of the traitor class.

Accordingly, the Australia First Party, searches for and locates an immediate strategy and tactics that make this struggle viable and which contribute to the construction of a nationalist party.

In the period 2009 - 2010, the Australia First Party will husband carefully its resources. It will therefore (temporarily) limit its approach to social groups where the party can establish immediate roots.

Accordingly, the Australia First Party resolves to build upon previous contacts and other structures and:

1. Approach truck owner/drivers and drivers.

2. Approach the new unemployed, particularly the youth.

3. Approach the university students.

The development of the Australia First Party by means of specific campaigns in these areas is the key task for the next 12 months. Organization will be subordinated to this overall task. The party will not be deflected from this task.

In building its own base and its structures, the Australia First Party will nonetheless work with, wherever possible, any association, organization or party that espouses any sort of Australianist sentiment. It will do this in order to build a united front of patriots in struggle, but where necessary the party will not hesitate to point out where it both agrees and disagrees with any other organization or party. Our party will maintain its independence and initiative at all times. The party affirms that it is the vanguard movement and that its final aim is to unite all those who can be united into one party structure.

The Conference declares that the members of Australia First Party should be prepared to intensify their commitment to the development of the party, uphold its programme and defend its activities. This is service to the Australian People.

Accordingly, the draft party constitution will be developed to permit democratic consultation, but which will affirm that decisions once made will be enforced, whether these decisions are made by the Conference or between conferences, by the party management committee. As the present rules require, a conference will be called within 12 months of the Federal registration of the party to elect the new national council of the party. This conference will review the progress of the party.