Australia First To Contest Sutherland Shire Council Poll On October 16

The State Committee of Australia First Party in New South Wales issued a statement this afternoon that the party would contest the Sutherland Shire Council by-election for D Ward on October 16.

The party regards the Sutherland Shire as a crucial area of Sydney under attack from over-development and the culture busting of the multiculturalist State and Federal governments.

The party would announce a candidate within a week along with a programme for the election.

Dr. Jim Saleam, chairman of the party in New South Wales and Mr. Tony Pettitt, registered officer of the federally registered Australia First Party jointly said today:

"The Liberal Party experienced strong swings to it in the Federal poll in the Cook and Hughes electorates. Too many people accepted the propaganda of the Liberals that they are out to 'stop the boats' and in some manner stand up for the defence of Australia's cultural heritage. We hope, at local level, to show the Liberals up as the frauds they are on this question. They are just as keen to see the Shire multiculturalised and developed to the benefit of those who dominate construction and who profit from immigration."

The party expects to start campaigning next week.