Australia First Wins 4%. 932 Votes In Sutherland Shire Council Poll
October 25 2010

Alec Saunders

Mr. Matt Hodgson crossed over the 4% line in the poll on Saturday October 16 in Ward D in Sutherland Shire Council. He stands on 932 votes or 4.03% of the poll. The 4% barrier is considered important to political pundits as it confirms the party is not to be regarded as a 'fringe' group.

If public funding had been in place for Council Polls in New South Wales (it will be law in the New Year), Matt would have received sufficient votes to have made this shoe-string campaign fully funded - and that is something for the future as Australia First uses the electoral process as the Greens have done to develop and fund political structure!

Matt has been congratulated by many party members and our candidates from the recent Federal poll.

Matt did well with the Sutherland Shire Leader newspaper and in spreading the word by any and all means. There were substantial distributions of material throughout Ward D.

Matt Hodgson has revealed himself as an able candidate and a credit to Australia First generally - and people have noticed. This was shown by a number of decisive phone calls made to the party requesting information on our policies, our candidate and our 'preferences'. It also showed on polling day with the obvious presence of a number of highly-motivated voters who sought out 'Australia First'.

The vote received in this one ward was larger than that which we received in the individual Federal seats of Greenway, Deakin and Macquarie in the (polarised) national election in August and not far behind our individual votes in the seats of Chifley and Lindsay. These Federal electorates see about 85,000 - 90,000 vote in each, but the Shire's Ward D had only 23,000 people vote. Something has turned around very quickly! "Go figure that out", as people say!

And something else: where we manned booths all day (as oppose to partial manning) our average votes were: between 5% and 6%. And that is also good news.

We note that on this occasion (as in 'Lindsay' in the Federal poll where an 'environmentalist ran against us on population issues), the potential vote in Ward D was split. Another candidate, running on a local platform also made (press-reported) noises about issues of Australian cultural defence and he polled over 580 votes or 2.5%. Whether some of this could have gone to Matt if this candidate had not been there, we cannot be sure - but it would be likely.

What was the Matt Hodgson campaign about? We reproduce his programme from a mass distribution leaflet:


The Sutherland Shire is on the chopping block for development. The Labor and Liberal parties know it. Shire Watch keeps watching as it happens. Development in Kurnell, Wanda Beach, the Kirrawee Brick Pitt and now the threat to Menai, are all part of the "750,000 new homes" that State Minister Tony Kelly says are coming in the next 30 years to Sydney. That means immigration and lots of it - largely drawn from Asia. We say that both Labor and Liberal are all for this (forget what both Abbott and Gillard said about a "smaller Australia" just recently!) and we say that it is now or never to get a Sutherland Shire Councillor who will serve YOU and say NO!

People's Programme For Action And Your Candidate's Pledge

On October 16 you get a chance to stand up for Sutherland Shire against the big parties and the greedy local elite.

1. Citizens Initiated Referendum should be a voter's right in the Shire. That means voters can propose Council by-laws and policy directly.

2. Elect the Mayor. No more shuffling among the Councillors. Transparency please!

3. The Council must become your first line of resistance against 'development'. That means taking on the State government by all lawful means and by protest action.

4. We need to affirm the Australian Heritage at every turn and be aware of the subtle attacks from the multicultural industry upon all Australians and our Identity. Heritage is learned and appreciated locally.

I am pledged to fight for these things, to represent you and be open to your complaints and your advice.

Matt Hodgson.

Who Is Matt Hodgson? A Worker, Not A Politician!
Matt Hodgson is 35, a qualified fitter and turner and not a local enforcer for the big parties, the local elite and their development dreams. He has lived in the Shire over time - and is proud to consider himself a Shire citizen!


This programme was timely as the attack upon the cultural identity of the Shire has been resumed. This time around, a well heeled independent also ran for Ward D, a globalist with Hong Kong business connections - and whose polling workers were exclusively Chinese recent-arrivals, some dressed in peculiar Macdonalds hats. The latter message? Well, we can't say, but the image runs far away from the traditional style of the Sutherland Shire. More relevant was the political message in the campaign: globalist values are going to be pushed more stridently in the Shire.

Our victory lies in the fact that the name 'Australia First' is widely known and appreciated in the Sutherland Shire. Name recognition and the building of both a voting base and a political base area, are vital factors in constructing a new political movement.

The party promises to build in the Sutherland Shire in the coming months. The local issues that our recent campaign has highlighted are crucial things to preserving the Aussie way of life. We note too that the Liberal Party Shadow Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison, holds the Shire-based electorate of Cook and he is making largely disingenuous noises about the asylum-seeker invasion. Nationalists in the Shire are resolved to work a lot harder.