Australia First Stabbed In The Back By Australians Against Further Immigration:
A sham organization decides to split the anti immigration vote in Cronulla and mislead the people of New South Wales

Dr. Jim Saleam and others

The nationalist candidate in Cronulla, Mr. John Moffat, must face a new challenge - not from an enemy, but from an ostensible 'friendly face'. The Australians Against Further Immigration, after not building any profile whatsoever in Cronulla, particularly since the Civil Uprising of December 11 2005, has opted to run a candidate. The anti immigration vote will be split.

The Australians Against Further Immigration (AAFI) remains a registered party in New South Wales. This year, there will be candidates in fifty six out of some ninety seats.

We would be excused if we actually believed this AAFI was a credible organization, that it was a bigger threat to the multicultural fantasy land than we are at this stage of our political development.

This AAFI has contested every State election since 1995 when the New South Wales branch was taken over by a Mr. Edwin Woodger and out of the hands of the national founders Dr. Rod Spencer, Robyn Spencer and Dennis McCormack. Woodger 'rose' in a mysterious split that seemed to have little logic and which the founders tried to forestall.

Mr. Woodger's AAFI holds no meetings. It has a one page web site. It publishes no recruitment materials. It has created no ideological-political documents. It publishes no accounts. If anyone joins it, he may fill in a membership form and effectively not hear from them again.

The leadership is essentially exercised by Mr. Woodger and his sister (who serves as the registered officer). With the core of people who simply stayed on board after the 1995 split and by signing up as nominal members whomsoever would be prepared to sign a form, the AAFI has stayed 'registered'.

What does it do? Every four years, the members are approached to become "candidates" for election. Sometimes they pay their own deposits, but usually the 'party' (sic) pays. If any poll over 4%, public funding goes to the party. Few candidates actually 'campaign' with advertisements or leaflets or on polling day. They are just names on ballot papers. Honourable people are persuaded to do it on the basis that they are making a difference.

But why run at all? Mr. Woodger has a plan. Most people who vote AAFI in the lower house, may consider doing the same for the upper house. People see the name 'AAFI' on the ballot paper and a couple of per cent will give it a knee-jerk vote. With candidates in as many seats as possible and with a flow of preferences, there's an off-chance either he, or his sister, might be elected to the Legislative Council (the quota to be elected is only 4.5%).

This year is special. On a tide of public concern over high immigration and multiculturalism, there is a chance of higher than the usual band of 2 - 3% votes. There is an outside chance of money and the upper house!

It seems to us the money is a bigger lure for the public accountant, Mr. Woodger. Let us assume that this year 25 of the 50 candidates get over 4%. Four per cent in the average electorate is 1700 votes and it comes at $2 per vote. We are looking at over $80,000 in public funding, less some lost deposits. A nice bonanza.

It occurred to Australia First months ago that this AAFI might offer some candidates, take one last spin of the dice before it was most-likely deregistered in 2007 through insufficient membership. Indeed, the Federal AAFI was deregistered in December 2005 for insufficient membership and a State action was also inevitable.

It was our concern that a candidate might be fielded in Cronulla. So we did the right thing. We wrote to Mr. Woodger to offer an arrangement. No reply. We phoned. No reply. Eventually the nationalist candidate, John Moffat, was told that Mr. Woodger was gravely ill and led to believe he was no longer pursuing political objectives.

We were still not convinced of the benign intentions of the AAFI. Through another line of approach, the same story was relayed back. No more political action from either of the Woodgers. The man was hiding behind third hand communications - and his sister!

Our position was very clear. Australia First had the running. Any other candidate would split the vote. We offered a suitable arrangement to other groups if they would deal. To their respective 'credits', neither the Pauline Hanson One Nation party (which could have launched a candidate) nor the One Nation New South Wales, which has a state registration, decided to offer a candidate.

So why has AAFI decided to run in Cronulla? Obviously, this organization knows it has no presence in Cronulla and cannot campaign. It knows that its name on the ballot will attract a few hundred votes from the John Moffat campaign. It does not care. So the Woodger group knows what it does!

But worse. It is not just Cronulla. The rising public concern at immigration/multiculturalism in New South Wales was a development of good public sense and the continued activism of Australia First - and indeed, we must admit more of the former. We rightly retain our faith in the Australian people. Here we have a group (it is hard to use that word for AAFI) attempting to pinch the work of others. The Woodger clique would do it with a straight face. Who knows, register AAFI again and keep playing? Steal our work? We think not!

In not being tighter with our investigative functions, we were deceived by a spiv. We admit our mistake. Yet, we can now state the truth. We see Mr. Woodger as a thief who stole a party name from his betters in 1995 and who has maintained a political fraud ever since. Now he seeks to steal from our political capital.

Such fearless leadership we may expect if this man was elected to a parliament!

Australia First will deal with this provocation in Cronulla by energetic campaigning. Yes. But when the election is over, we state openly, in the public domain, that we will ensure by all reasonable methods the passage of the entire AAFI membership base (that part of it which is composed of actual patriotic people) into the ranks of Australia First. We will wrest good people (a few hundreds) from any residual loyalty to a political con man.