Press Release: September 28

The following leaflet has been widely distributed in Annangrove, Round Corner and Kenthurst by activists from Australia First. The party, being re-organised throughout the metropolitan area, is to campaign further on present issue. NSW Committee

It's time to stand up for Australia's European heritage .
Sydney Is Under Siege: Annangrove On The Front Line!

The plan for the extension of the Annangrove Islamic prayer centre is just another side of the growth of an Alien Sydney, an Alien Australia.

Mosques, Hindu temples, Ba'hai schools and other cultic centres of all types across our metropolitan area, show that Australia's European heritage (which is not simply Christian but based more upon 3000 years of Indo-European Science and Philosophy) is under constant and vicious attack.

This entire heritage, from the recesses of time down to our unique Australian culture today, cannot survive the sponsored attack now made upon it.

In 200 years or less, our European 'race' and 'culture' will have disappeared off the Continent. The little matter in Annangrove is therefore just a part of an enormous destructive process which our politicians and media masters call 'immigration' and 'multiculturalism'. They support it and encourage this act of criminality.

If the people of Annangrove boycott the people who attend or direct the Islamic centre, the Racial Discrimination Act will be used. If they elect a Council that tries to openly obstruct the 'mosque', their elected reps may be sacked. If they demonstrate too energetically, the police powers may be used. The defence of the Annangrove lifestyle is not an easy matter. But the issue is obviously much deeper than lifestyle!

Australia First advocates people's resistance! It is possible to elect new councillors who will do what they can to resist, to demonstrate peacefully, to make feelings known, to hold functions that celebrate Australia's heritage and identity, to make it clear where local people stand..

The Australia First Party is a registered party in New South Wales. We are now calling for Council candidates to replace the current sell-outs.

Australia First Party P.O. Box 593 Rockdale 2216 (02) 8587 0014