Extreme Left Makes Noises On Confronting Australia First In Sydney: Forewarned, Forearmed.
Dr. Jim Saleam

January 5 2007

Two different extreme leftist groups have made threats of violent confrontation against Australia First. We must look closely at this development and make the right response.

Intelligence provided to us has revealed that the anarchist 'Black Block' group had contemplated a violent assault at our party building last August. At the time, our office was the venue for the second day of the Sydney Forum. The attack did not occur (these extremists apparently 'chickened out'!), but the anarchists are once again uttering dark words of violence. They have spoken of stalking nationalist leaders and of assaulting them. I am pleased to say that some nationalists became aware of all this and on the 'Whitelaw Towers' blogsite, a thorough expose of these machinations has been undertaken.

Whitelaw Towers

Significantly too, intelligence has revealed that the otherwise ridiculous 'FightDemBack' group of Matthew Henderson, is progressively coming under a new leadership, one which seeks to marry up information gathering on nationalist leaders with the anarchist offer to do violence. But it was the creature Henderson, who initiated these contacts, frustrated as his group was by their inability to deter Australia First or stall our growth..

The feral anarchist Black Block is a group noted for its links to "punk rock", drug taking and marginal living. That it could produce a plan for political violence, should not surprise us. Black Block believes that any form of nationalism is the enemy of their internationalist perspective and must be violently confronted. They refuse to reason beyond these limits!

We understand that police also became aware of the anarchists' threats to Australia First through a standard investigation, after Black Block assaulted police officers in Melbourne last November. Perhaps on this occasion, there will be police action against Black Block, since it is the safety of police which is also threatened.

Now we learn that the International Socialist Organisation (ISO), a Trotskyite sect which is part of the Socialist Alliance, has also come out swinging. I will dismiss with amusement their reference that "Australia First is no ordinary rightwing party" - simply because the present writer is involved! This sort of perverse flattery impresses no one, myself included. But after noting with consternation, our emergence onto the Sydney political landscape, our rise in profile and our search for new forms and presentations, they reveal their ultimate purpose.

In an article on the ISO Web Site, they spell it out:

"Let's be clear-Australia First is a fascist organization that does not have the right to campaign and intimidate Muslims, Arabs, or any other oppressed group. They must be driven from the streets, back into the shadows they emerged from. This also means campaigning against the racist lies propagated by Howard and co."

So we have no rights? How will we be "driven from the streets"? Is this not a threat of violence?

As was the case during the Pauline Hanson furore of 1996-98, the extreme-left has the task of limiting the Australian patriotic people's democratic right to freedom of expression and organization. Their first function will be to smear us with their 'oppositional' propaganda, which by asserting that we are "white supremacists", "fascists" "racists" etc., might suggest to some members of the public that they are opposing us because, actually - we are precisely that! A clever line to limit our freedom of expression! It would be an effort to isolate us from the very people we need to win: the ordinary Australian working people and youth. Then, by turning up at our venues and causing trouble, they will suggest through their media-covered actions that somehow it is us who are the trouble makers - and our ability to hold free meetings and reach people is thus restricted.

These are old tactics, but they can have an impact unless we address the game. These methods had some success during the Hanson years and these groups were tacitly permitted by the police hierarchy and encouraged by the media, to go on the rampage. We are forewarned.

In the fantasy world of these Trotskyite communists, we nationalists are 'linked' to Howard's Liberals, exactly because the government has a 'war on terror' and seeks internally to get Moslems to 'conform' to capitalist, consumer, 'Australian' (sic) norms. We recognise no such connection. As is well known, Australia First has opposed the war in Iraq from the start, along with all adventures in Moslem countries as not in the national interest, whilst simultaneously objecting from first principles to alien immigration and imported culture: for the defence of the real Australian identity. Those high-immigration and New World Order warmongerers, the John Howard Liberals, are no friends of ours. But for the confused ISO, that is just not the case!

The witches' brew of extreme-left delusion (whether anarchist or Trotskyite), drugs, and marginal lifestyles, can indeed produce strange results. We can see groups that mouth hatred of the Establishment serving to "shut down" (their word), the only real challenge to globalism - Australian nationalism.

As all Australia First members know, our party wants no brush-war-confrontation with groups of no real account on the Australian political scene. However, we can promise you we will be vigilant and take these anti Australian forces into account, as Australia First builds itself to be the only activist movement for nationalism and patriotism in New South Wales.