Congratulations to the British National Party! As in France with the National Front and Germany with the National Democrats, a new surge for nationalist forces, July 2006

The astounding political breakthrough of the British National Party (BNP) in Britain's Council polls, held last week, is a sure sign of a political quickening for nationalist forces everywhere.

The British National Party now holds some 53 Council seats. It achieved an average 18.1% vote in the areas it contested. This score is certain to be translated into strong showings in European and national elections.

The BNP now ranks as strongly as the French National Front and the National Democratic Party of Germany as torch-bearers of a new European consciousness of Identity politics and popular-democratic politics, a people's politics to fight a system of open-borders and globalist authoritarianism.

The Sydney branch of the Australia First Party (AFP) directed best wishes to the Chairman of the British National Party, Mr. Nick Griffin.

Dr. Jim Saleam, a member of the National Council of the AFP said:

"I directed best wishes to Nick Griffin, a man whom I have known, albeit at a distance, for nearly a quarter-century. Nick has achieved a great turn-around for British Nationalism in the last five years. He has built the BNP into a party that ordinary people are prepared to support. It is to be hoped the party goes from strength to strength. There are things that Australian nationalists can learn from these successes, not only pointers from Nick Griffin in developing a new style, but from those European parties with which he deals and whose experiences he has also applied. We will learn."

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