Australian Newspaper Writes 'Anti-Semitic' And 'White Supremacist' Smear Of Australia First

Statement of the Sydney Committee of the Australia First Party, March 5 2006

The Australian newspaper (March 4), issued a smear of the Australia First Party.

The article by Dan Box, "White supremacy in our backyard", was a litany of fabrication and base innuendo.

In the usual style, Mr. Box attempted to link the party with so-called 'neo-nazi' and 'white supremacist' organizations. Whatever these groups may be, and regardless of their lack of substance, there is simply no connection between them and the Australia First Party. Needless to say, Mr. Box could show no connection.

To apply the American type term 'white supremacist' to the Australia First Party has no significance in terms of its policy or ideology.

The most poisonous concoction was an anti-semitic statement attributed to a member of the party. The statement was: "Speaking to the Weekend Australian, which attended the meeting using an assumed name, 'name deleted' recalled a recent drive to Bondi when he saw a rabbi walking down the road. "We leaned out of the window and shouted Seig Heil, Seig Heil", he said. "Shit these rabbis take things seriously."

In fact, as the liar journalist knows, two persons spoke to him regarding faded posters displayed in a rear street near the meeting, asserting that a member of Australia First was a 'paedophile'. These posters were issued by Sydney's provocateur neo-nazis who are so-beloved of the Australian. Further, the liar journalist was told of the neo-nazis abusing old rabbis in Bondi, as an expression of their "serious" politics. Both the journalist and our member then spoke of the intense security undertaken by Jewish community structures in Bondi against extremist 'neo-nazi' type threats. "No one should take them seriously." Was it poor hearing or wilful malice that turned things around?

A journalist who plays 'undercover' knows that he can't have it both ways. He easily violates the so-called 'ethics' of his profession. Mr. Box has done this.

We expect his lies to travel.

We repudiate them. Despite the lies, a number of positive enquiries were received for membership.


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