Australian Youth And Families Should Support The Cronulla Mass Mobilisation On December 11

After months of racial taunts, threats and violence against Australian youth and families in the Cronulla area of Sydney - courtesy of gangs of Middle Eastern youths - a mass reaction has erupted right outside of the rules and forms of normal politics.Tired of being fobbed off by police commanders and local politicians, Australian youth took the matter into their own hands. It is the likely case that on Sunday, December 11, hundreds if not thousands of Australian youth and family people, will occupy the Cronulla beach area as an effective demonstration of solidarity with the victims of anti-Australian race hate and violence.

This demonstration is proper and should be supported by all residents and patriotic people.

The response of the Premier of the State, a man steeped in what is called multiculturalist ideology, was to call for a massive police presence to avert violence between angry Australians and the Middle Eastern gangs. Indeed, the participants should observe restraint and offer self-defence only if attacked. It is the very fact they will appear in great numbers, as living testimony to the rightful method of mass action, which will for this day at least, cow the hatemongers and show this Premier and those who stand with him, they are no longer intimidated by an ideology and policy that is now generally hated and loathed by the Australian people.

All members and friends of Australia First, particularly those in the Sutherland Shire, will participate as individuals in this first great mobilisation of Australians against the terror of multiculturalist ideology and practise in this country's history.