The 2005 Sydney Forum A Success Despite Government Pressure: The Rout Of Sydney 'Anti-Racism' And 'Anti-Fascism' Augments Our Victory

The Sydney Forum was a real political success. Its original venue (the Russian Club) was cancelled after the management was pressured by those described to the organisers as "Zionists" and as unidentified persons who made threats to staff members.

The cancellation took place less than 24 hours before the Forum was to start.

Luckily, the organisers had developed a back-up plan and they swung into action at once. Tables and chairs, the inevitable urn, cups, beverages etc., were obtained as required and a system to contact the attendees also moved quickly.

As many Australians would have seen on SBS television and in The Australian newspaper on that Saturday of the meeting, our brave Australian government banned the overseas speaker from entry into this country, such that his and our freedom of assembly and speech were violated. Yet, this is the same government that tells us Australia must send its diggers to die in Iraq for the freedom of Iraqis! Really?

Then there was the case of one of the Forum organisers - Jim Saleam. It seems his computer was hacked into and the hard-drive destroyed about five days before the Forum was to start. This was obviously a tactic designed to cause the maximum of organizational problems. It can't be proved who did this (they got very little for their trouble of an 'information' nature which was one blessing), but there are some very good theories.

Last but not least, there was the threat of "mass demonstrations".It was said "two thousand screaming leftists", anti-white racists in fact, were to "shut down" the Forum. Or so said a pro status-quo group of Israel supporters called 'Fight Dem Back'.

A grand total of thirteen (13) sad, brainwashed, pro-system haters eventually turned up to stop us from having our lawful free-speech gathering.

These people milled about for a while, looking pathetic. One hero tried to trip over a young nationalist who was approaching the venue but was retaliated against.Having failed to stop anything, they stayed long enough for an interview with SBS and left with the proverbial tail between the legs. This might sound strange, but this writer actually felt rather sorry for them. Their 'show' on the day could only be regarded as humiliating and it was a defeat for these anti white racists who hate our European identity and wish to see it culturally and physically destroyed.

The Fight Dem Back group has a policy which says: "No platform for fascists". "No platform for racists". We may interpret "fascist" and "racist" to mean any Aussie who doesn't accept his own genocide.

Think about the phrase "no platform". This means no public meetings, no TV interviews, no electioneering - no platform anywhere.

Well, on the weekend of the Sydney Forum, they failed and our side won on every level. We proved to them that whatever they try to do to stop us, whatever the oppressive threat of violence, we will not be stopped.

Now let's move on to a happier subject - the meeting itself. Around 120 nationalists and other patriots turned up on the Saturday and about 40 were under 25 years, some in their teens. Women appearedin good numbers, including girls. In fact, it was noted by many of the older activists, that they had never seen so many young people at a patriotic assembly - ever!

Now it turned out that all the attempts, government and otherwise, to stop our meeting, a more 'radical' anti-Establishment gathering got under way. The atmosphere was up-beat. militant but positive.

Other events were also planned by some Forum participants for that weekend. One important event was the Patriotic Youth League (PYL) national meeting which was held at a very friendly Sydney watering-hole. New young people stepped forward to staff existing branches and start a new one.

The Australia First Party (AFP) also held a special meeting on the Saturday evening at another venue. Plans were laid down for the party's growth over the next few months (including the party's re-registration) and a defence for Sydney nationalist Jim Saleam who has been cited by the Human Rights thought police in conjunction with our political activities. It was mentioned that patriots set up a $2000 plus fund to purchase a new computer to make up for the one destroyed (as above). By the end of the weekend, the money was raised. All of this encouraged the nationalists. As of now, we have raised $2300 and the fund is closed.

Then there was still Sunday. Sunday featured the open-forum followed by a 'social'. A paintball game elsewhere was enjoyed by the younger nationalists.

The few sad cases who had milled about on the Saturday were rightly too embarrassed to come back Sunday . It was noteworthy for us that while our enemies found out before hand our first venue, they had no idea about our back-up venue until we advertised it on our Web site. They knew nothing of the PYL, AFP, paintball events as held over the weekend.

Many lessons were learned and a great weekend was had by all. It was the best organised, most positive and well attended gathering of younger nationalists and patriots held in Australia for the last twenty years! It was a morale boost for all participants. The Sydney Forum is now well and truly on the map as a foremost ideological-cultural centre for the preparation of the action-politics our side truly needs. Time to move!

The Struggle