Our World - According To Darp

Dr. Jim Saleam, October 20 2005

Many Australian nationalists, particularly younger patriots, have examined the frothy ramblings of Sydney's anti-fascist/anti-racist (would-be) leader - Matthew Henderson. Through his alter ego 'Darp" (Darp is Mr. Henderson's self-crowning cover-name), Mr. Henderson is trying an old ploy: to lure his target audience into reading his 'Fight Dem Back' web site; thence, if they respond to a war of shadows and lies and smearwords, the masters of Fight Dem Back seek to demoralise, to confuse, to start arguments, to open them up to other attacks etc, to acquire information.

That this is the position was confirmed by 'Darp' himself who has said that he wishes to play the role taken by Britain's notorious Searchlight magazine, a rag which has specialised in these disinformation games for thirty-five years - and interestingly is now avoided by some of that country's genuine (sic) anti-fascists, given they recognised in 1997 that it is a Zionist-run lie sheet with covert connections to MI-5 and Special Branch. Our friend Darp - aims high! Or slums low, depending on your view! It is so because Darp himself improperly harassed two juveniles in 2005 and supported his associate Brian Stokes who illegally entered a computer to retrieve information, because he receives and employs information for harassment purposes, because one of his supporters appeared with a weapon outside the Sydney Forum venue in August, because information acquired by the Fight Dem Back group is passed on openly on the Web - and covertly to other forces.

I recommend our side of things generally avoids checking into any disinformation site. It is the old rule: don't listen to enemy broadcasts! However, before our readers and friends sign off Fight Dem Back forever, I think it is useful to understand our world as the darpists understand it (allow me thence to give Darp's few supporters a title, stroking the man's ego and giving him 'status').

Darp Sees Swastikas...

On October 8, a meeting was held near Kirribilli House in Sydney. It concerned threats to freedom of speech in Australia, particularly the current Human Rights And Equal Opportunity Commission harassment of Associate Professor Andrew Fraser. Darp attended and from a distance took some photographs. Although he provides no evidence, Darp says that he saw "two swastikas" amongst us. I wonder whether his X-ray eyes detected I had them secretly tattooed on my posterior, or whether his mind turned an Australia First Party banner into the said item at the twitch of a tic? Why swastikas? Because in the stated view of the darpists, the Australian nationalists are "Nazis" or "neo-nazis", that I am these things too and that if we say otherwise, it's all a trick hatched up for our purposes. Indeed!

I intend to discuss this 'Nazi' thing such that my readers can understand the Searchlight type disinformation line now peddled on Fight Dem Back. One should not feel angry at the use of the Nazi smear word, but happy that its use is regarded by our opposition as an absolutely necessary agitational measure. Obviously, we need to appreciate where our opponents are coming from.

Nazis, Nazis Everywhere - And I Still Can't See Them!

According to the darpists, my rules are "don't mention Hitler", conceal our adherence to the cult of the bloke with "one testicle" (Darp's phrase, used because his bizarre and open interest in testicles), all while we trace our political heritage to German Nazism and the Australian neo-nazis but in coded and secret ways. Further he says, I am the head Nazi, had some involvement with Australian neo-nazis long ago and must be interpreted that way. I will return to all this rubbish in a moment, but first we need to start where matters begin.

Why the Nazi thing? I can offer you a cluster of reasons. The script that nationalists in any given country are "neo-nazis" is a very special script. It is designed to achieve certain results: to alienate the public who are told nationalists are neo-nazis and therefore (!) anyone who was thinking of reviving a Nazi movement is some sort of perverted kook; simultaneously it confuses any number of good and positive ideas with the politics of yesteryear fascism, thus suggesting such ideas are not legitimate. The script is also designed to: create a brush-war for nationalist activists who are continually confronted by media and counter-demonstrators who assert they are something other than they are. The script also serves to: mobilise an opposition movement full of moral fervour directed not simply at negative people, but dangerous social pyromaniacs who are driven by the dream of genocide and other murder. Readers, if they wish to verify all this, can delve into The Rough Game, a work on 'anti-fascism' in Britain. It is all fairly clear.

A problem for Australian nationalists has usually been the existence of some marginalised circles of neo-nazis. Some youth mistakenly seek out these people thinking that, given the liberal media assault on the phenomenon, it might actually be the right way to go. Some learn quickly that what neo-nazism actually is - not Australian nationalism. They move on as soon as they work it out. The neo-nazis sometimes ape Australian nationalist concerns on particular questions, allowing the darpist type to suggest 'links' and 'similarities'. Yet, when all is said and done, I see no real neo-nazi movement in Australia, just some isolated individuals.

Hence in the absence of any significant neo-nazi group, the darpists invent one. But that is part of the international script I have referred to and we should not be surprised.

Is It A Problem?

There are mixed views on responses to the script. It is certain that we cannot escape its use against us. The moment a nationalist movement enters into the public arena instead of restricting itself only to ballot-box activities, then the script is run against us. Some people in various movements in the past have buckled under it. The One Nation party acted that way, although Graeme Campbell, founder of Australia First, never did.

I see the script as a strategy. We must counter it. This is done by our written materials and our public actions. We do our best that ammunition of even the most oblique kind not be available to the enemy. By that I mean that as our party expands and we meet a variety of situations and people, we choose our words and deeds carefully. I need not say more.

In some ways the operation of the neo-nazi script is a function of our weakness. Whilst we have smaller resources, we cannot impress ourselves upon the public. That is changing, even if slowly. We should just 'accept' the taunt for now.

Much of the darpist attack is aimed at me. Speaking personally, I will not duck for cover because some cretin cries 'Nazi' at me. It has been done (as Darp rather interestingly and factually stated) consistently since 1988. It was done again in 2004 by an ALP connected journalist when I was a candidate for Marrickville Council (I won a Press Council action about that) and in July 2005 courtesy of a smear-monger journalist, Greg Roberts, of The Australian, during a media furore about Professor Andrew Fraser. This smear is done because of a certain perception that I play an organizational role within the Australian nationalist movement and that I must therefore (!!!) be nobbled. Anything to confuse people, vex me and close co-workers, or to cause a public nuisance, is regarded as justified. My response has always been to upgrade the struggle. From this 'personal' testimony the reader can see that the fight for our legitimacy is on-going and can only be resolved in struggle. There is no quick fix.

Special History From Special Sources

The history of Australian nationalism used by the darpists comes from the dross of the past. Parts of the 'history' paraded as the history of nationalist activism comes from Dennis Freney, former editor of the Communist Party newspaper of the 1980's and David Greason, who after a stint in a lunatic asylum, turned up with Australia-Israel Review. Both have been exposed as frauds and hacks. For Darp, they are experts.

It is a waste of time for me to document the Freney/Greason input to darpist history here. I merely ask the nationalists accept this 'opinion' as a fact. However, there are two critical points readers must note.

First: Freney (who was a 'communist' of almost Trotskyite character) built a Left alliance with other liberal anti-racist (sic) networks to try to corrall the nationalists. Freney accused nationalists (and this writer) of a wide array of special, unproven, criminal offences that are now part of Sydney leftist folklore. In 1988-1989, he sought 'neightbourhood watch' schemes to identify patriots, teams to destroy nationalist posters etc., links with politicians, media liars and union bosses to assist with the manufacture of propaganda. Freney even worked with political police, something now at a standard of proof which could even alter the history of the Communist Party. Darp follows this general pattern.

Second: Greason recognised the importance of the Zionists in any campaign to stigmatise nationalists; he noted their close link with state authorities including spy agencies. Although merely a paid employee, he offered his advice where he could and strongly suggested to this lobby maintain the "neo-nazi" smear. Greason also authored 'history' of patriotic movements and now writes disinformation tracts on patriotic leaders and activities for Australia-Israel Review (or The Review as it now prefers to call itself) under pen names like Michael Collins. He likes to characterise his targets as 'failures', 'stupid' etc etc. Darp follows this general pattern.

It seems to us that whomsoever guides the darpists, puts them in the 'proper' direction. And further: Darp himself accepts what he's told as fact. We can rely on that. If an enemy keeps coming on in the old style, inevitably he will be defeated.

Raise The Intensity And Extend The Breadth Of The Struggle!

We can expect to have opponents of all sorts. The primary function of the State-sponsored darpists is to hem us in, to isolate us, to start brush wars (side issues to distract us). It is necessarily designed to mobilise the Trotskyite extreme-left against the nationalists, a strategy which has so far failed, possibly if only because the darpists are understood to be - 'idiots'. It remains possible to mobilise other 'anti-racist' forces, or at least, misinform them as to our goals and views. The darpists also seek to cause a wastage of time and resources. Even this briefing for nationalists would be a waste of resources if it did not forearm them for future struggles.

The basic 'answer' to any campaign directed against the nationalists is to build nationalist ideology, politics and organization. If and when we turn to 'answer' the anti-fascist/anti-racist movement, it must be in the context of our own self-development. In other words, the demand of the hour is to raise the intensity of our work and broaden its quality. Our success does not depend in fending off irritants, but in moving forwards. That we have been doing much to the chagrin of the darpists and others.

Our world according to Darp is a hateful world of quarrelsome nutters arguing over fascist dreams and carrying out perverse and marginal actions. Of course, the nationalists are in the great traditions of Eureka, of the labour movement, of the ANZAC's and the heroes of Kokoda and our patron saints are Henry Lawson, Jack Lang and John Curtin (and many more besides). We have no purpose in debating strange old dreams, nor to perform actions without promise of advantage. Yet, given the masters of the darpists know what and who we really are, I ask: do the darpists know too? It might be hard to figure, but I think they know - which means they lie against the facts. After all, what else do they have?

As we deepen our work in Sydney over the next twelve months I expect we will confront the darpist and extreme-left allegation of neo-nazism - and rout it. It simply does not fit and we believe that amongst the public, acting directly, it just won't wash. That does not mean it won't still be about to ambush the odd unwary citizen and we would be naive to expect otherwise. However as the movement for Australian identity, independence and freedom grows, it will show its true colours. Our ranks will grow, as Lawson put it "to an army vast" to "free the land that belongs to us".

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