What if the beach bashers and men of violence are members of the Australian Labor Party?


If we believe the propaganda, our National Day, the day of European settlement, is a celebration of multiculturalism. So say politicians, media, public figures. Countless official ceremonies will be held on January 26 to reinvent Australia Day as a day of "invasion", as a time to celebrate "diversity", to rework the themes of the rewritten national anthem as part of the 'sharing' themes of globalisation. This is an attack on the real Australian national idea born at Eureka Stockade (1854), sanctified at ANZAC (1915) and defended on the Kokoda Track (1942). Therefore, given we say that we cannot celebrate Australia Day without the Australians, we must confirm our identity ourselves.

In the wake of the Cronulla civil uprising of December 11, a number of young Australians, who may well have broken the law that day, are held without bail while the real men of violence walk free. We all know this was political policing at its worst. Despite evidence about the Middle Eastern groups involved in days of anti-Australian race-hate-violence, police only arrested Australians. The police have fallen out internally and with the government over the selective arrests policy and over the suppression of evidence pointing to the identities of the members of the retaliation gangs.

It is very likely that many of the people who have terrorised Cronulla and other beach suburbs for years could well be members of the Labor Party, criminally-connected people signed up by the hundreds as part of the branch-stacking games inside that party! Some could have been in the retaliation squads who roamed Sydney on December 12, 13, 14, smashing, bashing, intimidating people. The mathematical calculations make for this possibility. Is this related to why Morris Iemma, Member for Lakemba, has been soft on Middle Eastern ethnic crime gangs and totally one-eyed in his government's rampage to imprison some Australians who were a little wild on December 11? It’s time for him to come clean and explain how the internal politics of his party drive towards certain political outcomes! We note that the Liberal Party has asked a few questions (under public pressure) along these lines - while covering up its own branch-stacking antics with many people drawn from similar ethnic backgrounds, but divided from the others on sectarian grounds. We mean the former members of the so called 'Phalangists' and ex-members of the 'South Lebanon Army', a gang of vicious thugs at the service of Israel and hated by Moslems (particularly Moslem Lebanese) in Australia.

Because there can be no justice, patriotic Australians can only demand that the charges brought against about 20 people over participation in the ‘disorders’ at Cronulla – be dropped. If any ‘victim’ has a grievance against the arrested men, he can proceed civilly for some compensation; but throwing young people in jail for showing up the government for politically-correct-policing at Cronulla in the long years of ethnic anti-Australian violence and for denouncing multiculturalism – is the real crime. It is all filthy anti-Australian politics from a pack of multiculturalist thugs in suits. The multiculturalist system in New South Wales is in real trouble and its problems are deepening. This should be welcomed by all patriotic Australians.

Celebrate Australia Day. Raise our National Flag, the flag of Eureka Stockade, the Boxing Kangaroo and all our other icons - in pride on January 26. Celebrate peacefully.

Sydney Committee, AFP, January 23 2006