Who To Vote For On November 24

The following guide to patriotic and pro Australian candidates does not imply any specific endorsement by Australia First to any person or party. It is a matter for the voter to decide. The persons named here have not sought any endorsement from Australia First.
NSW Committee

Two Useful Rules On How To Vote:

1. Preference The Sitting Member Last

It is essential you preference the sitting member last. If enough Australians did this, we could affect major changes in the parliament. Most seats hinge on small margins of voters. If the seat is 'Liberal' run through your preferences and get to Labor at second last - and Liberal last. If your seat is 'Labor', run through your preferences and get to lIberal at second last - and Labor last.

2. Never Vote '1' For A Major Party: Deny Them Public Funding

The big parties survive on their millions in public funding. But if you vote '1' for an independent, or some other candidate, before you preference a major party - they don't get a cent of public money. It's an easy and effective protest.

Who To Vote For.

We provide a list of One Nation candidates in New South Wales

Victor Waterson (Bennelong) ; Bob Vinnecombe (Blaxland) ; Louise Kedwell (Chifley) ; Richard Putral (Cook) ; Brian Dettman (New England) ; John Hamburger (Paterson) ; Craig Hesketh (Riverina) ; Helen Ryan (Robertson)

We provide a list of good Independents in New South Wales

Acacia Rose (Eden Monaro) ; Joe Bryant (Werriwa) (more to come on this site)

Other Candidates In Other States

In Western Australia, Graeme Campbell and John Fisher have constituted a Senate ticket with two other patriots. They are Group P on the Western Australian Senate ticket. Graeme Campbell is a prominent Australian Nationalist.

Elsewhere, we suggest voters look to the One Nation candidates or to patriotic Independents. One Nation is running Senate teams in the States

Pauline Hanson

Pauline Hanson is a Senate candidate in Queensland, competing with One Nation. Her candidacy is strictly - one for the voter exercising conscience.

It's time to stand up for Australia's European heritage .