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Hansonism Mk2 Shall Not Pass The Test In The Camden Struggle!

Port Macquarie Resistance-To-Refugees Group Is Established

Grubby Political Vendetta: How The Daily Telegraph Conned The Australian Press Council To Dismiss An Australia First Complaint

Melbourne Age Smear Against Australia First - Our Reply
"The reporter, Annabel Stafford, came to our meeting dressed in what could hardly be the new uniform of Age journalism. With her loose fitting shorts falling from her hips to expose black see-through underwear and her short-sleaved-shirt with a few buttons undone such that more than a glimpse of bosom......"

Who To Vote For On November 24

The Second Anniversary Of The Civil Uprising At Cronulla: Join With Nationalists

The 2007 Sydney Forum

Press Release: September 28. Sydney Under Siege: Annangrove On The Front Line

Nationalists Benefit From Deceased Estate

The Game All Over Again: Pauline Hanson's Return To Politics: Much Ado About Everything An article with revelations of what lies behind the new Hanson campaign

With anti immigration / anti multicultural vote split three ways, John Moffat does well in Cronulla

Our Complaint Against 'Australian' Journalist Greg Roberts: Read our Press Council complaint against the well-known fraudster who tried to 'link' a T-Shirt at our shop with American Kluxers. How do newspaper lies work?

'Australian' Journalist Greg Roberts Tells Kooky Klux Klan Lies About 'Australia First': New fabrications from well-known fraudster produced to 'link' a T-Shirt at our shop with American Klux

Australia First Stabbed In The Back By Australians Against Further Immigration: A sham organization decides to split the anti immigration vote in Cronulla and mislead the people of New South Wales

Extreme Left Makes Noises On Confronting Australia First In Sydney: Forewarned, Forearmed. We expose threats of violence made against Australia First, January 2007

City Council Surrenders While People Of Tamworth Show Resistance To Refugee Influx : Opposition Grows To Chorus Of Media And Multiculti Industry Attacks January 2007

Kiwi Nationalist Addresses Australia First In Sydney September 21 2006

German National Democrats In Historic Victories. September 21 2006

Australia First 'Occupies' Office Of Refugee Advocate, George Newhouse.
Campaign Will Expose Hypocrisy

Australia First Gets A Threat From The Office Of George Newhouse.
George's Hypocrisy On Palestinian Refugees Makes Our Point.

What If The Beach Bashers And Men Of Violence Are Members Of The Australian Labor Party? Australia Day Is Not A Multicultural Holiday! Celebrate January 26.

Congratulations to the British National Party! As in France with the National Front and Germany with the National Democrats, a new surge for nationalist forces

Australian Newspaper Writes 'Anti-Semitic' And 'White Supremacist' Smear Of Australia First

December 23: Greg Roberts of The Australian newspaper is a regular smearmonger of patriotic people.
This article advises any and all patriotic groups and people not to co-operate with a key media liar.

Australian Youth And Families Should Support The Cronulla Mass Mobilisation On December 11

President Of The Australia First Party Wins 1367 Votes In Council Poll

The 2006 Sydney Forum The agenda and details of the event which has begun to unite Australians beyond the labels of Left and Right.

The 2005 Sydney Forum The agenda and details of the event which went ahead despite attempts at disruption.

The 2005 Sydney Forum A Success Despite Government Pressure: The Rout Of Sydney 'Anti-Racism' And 'Anti-Fascism' Augments Our Victory

The Advent Of Sydney 'Anti-Racism' And 'Anti-Fascism': The Case Of Matthew Henderson a.k.a 'Darp' A Special Research Project

Media And Leftist Lies On ‘Refugee Protest’ In Newcastle. Establishment Boasts Of Strength Imply Weakness. System Gets A Hard Knock. Dr. Jim Saleam

Progress For Nationalism In Sydney 2002-3

Paul Fromm Speaks To Australians - to the League Of
Rights, to Australia First

Our World - According To Darp Dr. Jim Saleam

Information page from an independent patriot on 'Darp' and related matters. Warning: the viewer will note the various obscenities and other offensive language courtesy of Darp.

Drop The Charges Against The Cronulla Accused: No To Selective Prosecution of White Australians. For A Peaceful Assembly At Cronulla On January 26!

Is ASIO Now Writing An 'Official Lie' About The Mass Action Of December 11?: it was all 'outside racists and alcohol', is now the convenient lie.

Free Pauline Hanson!: Statement Of The Australia First Party (Sydney)
Read what our response had been to this traversty. Continue to demand a Commission of Inquiry!