Drop The Charges Against The Cronulla Accused: No To Selective Prosecution of White Australians.
For A Peaceful Assembly At Cronulla On January 26!

Criminal charges brought against some twenty of the December 11 Cronulla demonstrators should be dropped.

New South Wales police task force 'Enoggera' has been successful in identifying these men and charges of violent disorder and affray have been brought against them. Almost all are being held without bail and all face long terms of imprisonment.

So far, police have shown little energy in identifying the Middle Eastern men responsible for nights of retaliatory violence. This violence was far more serious than the technical crime of affray brought against the white Australians.The stated reason for this disparity in the arrest rates - that these Middle Eastern men are harder to identify - is lame and misleading.

It is a political outcome that is being sought. The New South Wales government wishes to harass and intimidate white Australian youth, telling them collectively by the methods employed, that any real challenge to the multiculti doctrine - will be met by repression.

People are seeing through the government's lies. People are rejecting the statement of the Commissioner of Police that he has done nothing wrong in getting the arrests he has. He could have done things differently, but it is fair to say that he too supports multiculti. Whatever he may say, the Commissioner of Police is a 'political' policeman.

Patriotic Australians should peacefully assemble in Cronulla on January 26 to register their disgust with selective policing. They can demand that, in view of the selective policing policy of the government, all charges against the Cronulla accused be dropped. Reports indicate that informal networks of patriotic people have demanded such a peaceful protest. So it should be!

Sydney Committee, Australia First Party, January 13 2006