Nationalists Benefit From Deceased Estate

Filed July 2 2007

The Australia First Party and other nationalist associations and projects will benefit from the Estate of Mr. Cecil Roach.

The Estate was finally settled in Adelaide last week. A five figure sum of money will be transferred to an association especially established by some nationalists some time ago. Most of these persons are committed members of Australia First.

In 1988, Mr. Roach detailed a will leaving a certain part of his Estate to "Australian National Action of Grosvenor Place, Sydney." He died in Adelaide in 1998, when it could be said that National Action - was essentially defunct.

Mr. Roach had been a strong supporter of the 'anti immigration' cause, working first with the Immigration Control Association in the 1970's and then passing into National Action, straight after it was founded in 1982. He never lost his fire for the fight despite advancing years.

Jim Saleam, Chairman of Australia First in New South Wales, said:

"The former National Action was a fighting organization which greatly added to the folklore of Australian patriotic struggle. Mr. Roach was one of hundreds of dedicated and determined people. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Roach on a couple of occasions in the 1980's and also corresponded with him. It will be my pleasure to assist in giving effect to his wish that funds be applied to the defence of the Australian Heritage and Identity."

The money will be substantially retained in a fund and slowly spent into nationalist activities.

The way in which this legacy is managed may encourage others to finance the nationalist cause - when they are no longer with us.