Is ASIO Now Writing An 'Official Lie' About The Mass Action Of December 11?: it was all 'outside racists and alcohol', is now the convenient lie.

Ever since the mass action of December 11, the lie machines of politicians, liberal media, multiculturalist academia and so on, have been in full flood.

First, it could not be allowed that ordinary Australians had arisen against the sacred cows of immigration and 'multiculti'. The establishment is terrified that this new patriotic awareness may develop nationalist politics in Sydney. Second, and more alarming, there is a great fear that the young Middle Eastern men who have terrorised certain suburbs for years and who retaliated violently against property and people for the Cronulla upsurge, might radicalise - and perhaps embrace revolutionary Islam. These fundamental facts have been obscured by all sorts of chatter about bad behaviours, some cultural problems etc. sparking troubles on 'both sides'.

Almost of necessity, the official lie has become that the whole event was a combination of louts,excessive alcohol and outsider racists. Media propagandists, politicians and multiculturalist agents of all sorts, are singing this in chorus. The outsider racists are usually mentioned as Australia First Party, Patriotic Youth League and the utterly unfindable, or really identifiable, "neo-nazis". Of course, in the official script, the latter are always trotted out as the yardstick of smear of the people.

It seems now that the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) may have directly intervened. A meeting this week has seen surf organizations and other persons sign an 'apology' to the 'Lebanese community' for the 'violence'. The statement, written in 'governmentese' said that the demonstration "escalated out of control under the influence of right wing racists from outside the community and alcohol." We are reliability informed that three members of ASIO attended the meeting. We are informed the youth present were bamboozled and confused (and threatened with prosecutions?) into signing. Did ASIO write the official lie?

Why the big lie? The civil uprising in Cronulla has obviously terrified the establishment. A challenge post Pauline Hanson of the Australian people against the globalist open borders regime is again possible. The future of Australia as an Asian resources quarry and trade platform could be averted. But for the secret policemen there is the immediate question of a mass recruitment of innumerable militants by those Islamist terror networks which actually exist in Australia. After we exposed ASIO's role in this instance, they came clean and admitted it in the Sydney Sunday Telegraph, December 18. The big lie - as we must stress - is a stupid lie. It might confuse Aussies for a moment and make multiculturalist organizations happy, but it will not fool the angry Middle Eastern youth, let alone the Islamist men of violence. Rather, both will ask the fatal question: 'why are you telling this lie?' Therein, is the recipe for serious violence. Anyone who peddles this lie, from media scribbler to idiot in the pulpit, will become complicit in terrorism.

The formula described, a radicalisation of home grown alienated men towards the developing terror networks, has occurred in Britain and Spain. Why not Australia? The Howard government was preparing to fight a false war against small violent networks with international agendas. It did not want to alter immigration policy or its commitment to multiculti. The Cronulla civil uprising has now confused this agenda. It may now have to fight a revolutionary movement, with the Australian people seeing through the lies. The war on terror nonsense is now a three way shoot-out. The Australian people neither want the war on terror nor open immigration and multiculti. The Islamists may wage their war against both the government structures and the people. The government will have to fight a movement with a social base and the patriotic Australian people who want their country back.

Reject the official lie about the civil uprising at Cronulla.

To paraphrase the old Chinese proverb: 'we live in interesting times.'