Progress For Nationalism In Sydney 2002-3.


The last year has been one of growth and greater activity.

For instance: membership is up 22%. Admittedly, this was an achievement from a low base but has taken place in a climate where all the other patriotic parties have lost membership (sometimes substantially) and have been in turmoil.

The Rallying Point Information Service has taken off also, and sales in 2003 so far, are up 200% on 2002.

The progress in financing is important to Nationalism. We are receiving more assistance than ever, and it seems funding over the whole of 2003 will be up 100% on 2002. We will arrange a fund-raising club (the Waratah Club) to augment this growth.

The output of public materials is up. Posters are up 50% on the preceding year and stickers up 20%. General leaflet distribution has crept up marginally, but campaign leafletting in Miranda in the last State election was, of course, extensive.

The Sydney AFP Web Site has been revamped and is now - surely - the best Nationalist (political) site in Australia. It has the best links. These links are designed to inter-mesh the patriotic and nationalist activist forces with ideological databases. We installed a site-counter on the new site in April. While we cannot compare our hit-rate with last year, we can say that it increased constantly. We have direct information that the content of the site has been digested by many new people and has had a positive impact.

The moral of the whole story is: if you put in the effort, and recruitment material flows out, the organization grows.

Everyone can do something. If you can't be directly active, you can join "the Waratah Club' and finance our up-coming TV ads and council elections' campaign.

It is reasonably clear, that with increased activism and recruitment activities, we can double the membership in 2004.

It is not wishful thinking to say that there are already many current and previous members of other patriotic parties who are contacting us. They are looking for 'new directions', not just another group to join. Given the progress of general recruitment and our campaigns laid out for 2004, the increase in membership I predict here - is more than achievable. It is my view that Australia First will start the process of regrouping and re-directing the entire nationalist and patriotic movement in this State.

It is about time, something positive was done!


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