With anti immigration / anti multicultural vote split three ways, John Moffat does well in Cronulla

The candidate sponsored by Australia First for the New South Wales State seat of Cronulla, Mr. John Moffat, has so far polled 968 votes, being 2.8% of the poll. These figures - and others cited here - were the Saturday night finals and will vary as postal, absentee and other votes come in.

This result was regarded by us as a fair one, given the splitting of the anti immigration / anti multicultural vote in Cronulla. It was noted that the vote of the Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group) increased its score by some 600 votes over 2003. Final figures will show a 2 per cent increase in the Christian Democratic vote, something unequalled anywhere in the State. .In the last two weeks, the Christian Democrats have announced that "Moslem immigration" should cease, a policy which reasonably drew some support in Cronulla, given particular recent history. A candidate from the Australians Against Further Immigration group polled 1010, 2.9% of the poll. Interestingly, Moffat campaign workers report some voters stating that they voted for "your candidate" "against immigration". There was obvious confusion.

Taken together, it is fairly clear that a sizeable challenge to the enforced policies of open immigration and multiculturalism has been registered. Given that the same Australians Against Further Immigration (AAFI) candidate ran in 2003 and then received only 761 votes, we can be sure a sizeable shift in public opinion has occurred. Indeed, we may say that the 1.76% AAFI vote in 2003 has been multiplied by four. This was a major achievement that grounds Australia First for the 2008 Council election for Sutherland Shire.

John Moffat is to be congratulated on his hard work and dedication.

A further statement will be made shortly.