Australia First 'Occupies' Office Of Refugee Advocate, George Newhouse.
Campaign Will Expose Hypocrisy

On July 26, an Australia First action took place at the office of George Newhouse, a Senior Counsel, in Sydney.

Mr. Newhouse was instrumental in the Human Rights And Equal Opportunity Commission case against Professor Andrew Fraser in 2005. He was the counsel acting for a Sudanese complainant who asserted he was vilified (sic) by public remarks about "African crime" made by Professor Fraser. The case was a thought police violation of his rights to freedom of expression.

Mr. Newhouse has returned to the fray of late, this time representing another Sudanese man, one whose child died in bizarre circumstances. It is claimed that because of his ignorance about telephones, he could not summon medical help for the critically ill child. It is said that in some manner Commonwealth government officials bear the blame. Mr. Newhouse has been publicly quoted saying that substantial compensation should be due to the man such that he and his family may have a good life in Australia.

Australia First intends to criticise this entire process! To show the essential hypocrisy, two families (women with children) appeared in Mr. Newhouse's office, in company with Australia First activists. A leaflet was distributed to other offices on the same level as the 'offending' law firm. Our spokesman told Mr. Newhouse's staff that the ladies present were in unsuitable public housing and in very marginal circumstances after partricular traumatic events. Would Mr. Newhouse help them? It was further said that Australia First will appear regularly in the street outside, with homeless people, ex-prisoners and other deserving people. All would solicit help from Mr. Newhouse.

We condemn the cult of the refugee being developed by various lawyers, media persons and the protest-industry. The best solution for most 'refugees' is proper assistance to return to their countries of origin. We wonder why it is that a whole array of do-gooder types rally to 'refugees' but ignore the serious plight of many Australians.

Mr. Newhouse can expect protests on a regular basis. The best result for his client would be to return to Sudan with Australian government assistance.