Australia First Gets A Threat From The Office Of George Newhouse.
George's Hypocrisy On Palestinian Refugees Makes Our Point

On July 27, someone from the office of George Newhouse threatened Australia First.

This person, who has previously phoned a certain number, passing himself off as Mr. Newhouse (then in response to suggestions an action might occur), phoned today to say: "if you people step over the mark, we will come down on you like a ton of bricks." What mark? What action? If we had said that, we could be assured of a quick police response. However, nothing will come from the police as far as this threat is concerned.

It now transpires too, despite the friendly and orderly tone of yesterdays protest, that Mr. Newhouse's staff, say they were "intimidated" by our protest. Nonsense. Two women, three children and two men (only one of whom was in the office!) do not make for intimidation, especially when staff agreed that the protest was proper and reasonable.

Mr. Newhouse now represents a Sudanese man who says his child died due to negligence of government officials. Interestingly, one of the ladies protesting with us yesterday, also lost a child whilst in public housing. Will George help her too?

We also pose one last question for journalists, liberals, anti-racists (sic). Does Mr. Newhouse support the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to Israel and to reclaim property stolen from them by Zionist settlers in 1948? These people were driven from their homes and three generations have now lived in squalid camps in Gaza, Jordan and Lebanon. Somehow, we are sure that Mr. Newhouse has a very different view of their plight. It does not take much intelligence to figure that one.

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