Paul Fromm Speaks To Australians - to the League of Rights, to Australia First....

Canadian nationalist activist and organizer, Mr. Paul Fromm, toured Australia in October. His program allowed many Australians to hear a message concerning the immigration disaster and the inceasing totalitarian restraints on freedom of speech in Canada.

On October 8, Mr. Fromm addressed the annual conference of the Australian League Of Rights in Albury. On October 10, he appeared in Shepparton to address members and friends of the Australia First Party. On October 12, Mr. Fromm was in Melbourne to address a meeting organized by the League and on October 14 he was in Sydney speaking to members and friends of Australia First.

Mr. Fromm told his audiences that Canadians will be a racial minority in his country by about 2055. He said that a coalition of minority opinions (ethnic and sexual) were employing vilification and "hate" laws to stifle freedom of expression.

The Australian meetings brought Mr. Fromm into contact with Australians who concurred with his view that the New World Order regime with its open borders, rampant liberal capitalism and social decay, was relying on totalitarian means to enforce its diktats.The opening of these new lines of contact may pay off for all sides in coming years.

Mr. Fromm may return to Australia in 2006.

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