'Australian' Journalist Greg Roberts Tells Kooky Klux Klan Lies About 'Australia First': new fabrications from well-known fraudster produced to 'link' a T-Shirt at our shop with American Klux

Yes, Greg Roberts is at it again! This time, he has proved (sic) a 'link' between Australia First Party and the bed-sheeters of the American Kooky Klux Klan.

Scribbling in The Australian (February 5), Roberts has set out to load both Mr. John Moffat as candidate for Cronulla - and then the Australia First Party in general - with the usual 'hate' links. Why else report the horror?

What would Roberts have us think? We're had it! Our credibility is in tatters! We should pack up the party and join the Liberal Party to endorse refugee settlement! Well, not really. We're kidding and Roberts is doing what he does best - misrepresenting things again. Like when he essentially fabricated a tale of a gang of Aussie Klux who were "infiltrating" Pauline Hanson's One Nation, back in 1999.

Roberts says that we sell a T-Shirt at our on-line Sydney shop. It has a slogan on it: 'Our Race Is Our Nation'. According to Roberts, this slogan appears in Klux material. Which Klux? There's several dozen of these Klux groups, small cells really of nobodies who are not likely to be a challenge to anyone. Interesting about the slogan; but the first we knew of it was when Roberts put a question to Mr. Moffat. Of course, the shirt also says 'Celtic Warrior'. It's a shirt, adorned with Celtic style imagery, front and back. It could not be anything as Roberts purports. It's basically a shirt about Celtic history and pride.

What was Roberts's intention? As always, Roberts wishes to 'link' movements of Australian nationalism with American style ranting organizations, supposed "white supremacists" and so forth. The 'link' can be as tenuous as a similar slogan, but as long as he can puff up the article with a lot of flummery, it becomes another propaganda tract.

In recent times, Roberts has skidded on the proverbial thin ice. Like last year when he tried, what one respected curator of a small Australian military history museum near Toowoomba, called - "blackmail" and "intimidation". Then Roberts was allegedly demanding of the man a photograph of a supposed "white supremacist" who had been an employee at the Museum. The man refused. The man claims Roberts then said, that if it was not handed over, he could not be responsible for the line taken by his article. The man also alleged that Roberts's story misquoted him on a matter that led to the Human Rights And Equal Opportunity Commission investigating a racial hatred complaint against him. Lovely.

As a general rule, nationalists do not speak to Greg Roberts. On this occasion, John Moffat did. Needless to say, he will not speak to him again.

As for the Celtic T-Shirt: we will continue to sell it until the stock runs out. As for the Kooks from the Klan: we are yet to hear from them over this shocking breach of copyright. When we do, we will send Roberts a press release.