December 23: Greg Roberts of The Australian newspaper is working on a new smear of Australia First and other patriotic people.

This article advises members of Australia First and any and all patriotic groups and people not to co-operate with a key media liar.

December 23: Greg Roberts is a journalist with The Australian newspaper. Information received indicates that Roberts is currently 'researching' an article on the Australia First Party, the Patriotic Youth League and sundry other organisations and persons who are colloquially dubbed on 'the Right' of politics. He will centre on the Cronulla civil uprising of December 11 as the basis for his examination of "extremism". Whatever Roberts produces will be misleading of the reader, misinformation, smear and outright lies. No member of the Australia First Party, other than the President or a person nominated, is entitled to give interviews; nor should any member be deceived into a 'conversation' with Roberts. We strongly advise members of the Patriotic Youth League to refuse to be interviewed. We would advise anyone contacted in respect of his forthcoming article to refuse to communicate with Roberts.

Information received suggests that at least one friend of nationalist and patriotic groups might have had his mobile phone number provided to Roberts by police (!) a matter which is very likely to the subject of a complaint to the New South Wales Ombudsman.

Greg Roberts is a firm opponent of any form of patriotic politics. In 1999, he essentially fabricated a story that the "Ku Klux Klan" was infiltrating Mrs. Hanson's One Nation party. He quoted and photographed the alleged infiltrators and badgered the One Nation party with horror stories of the racist perversity of the Kluxers. Not that there was one group of Klux, but rather two and these colourful nutters sprouted their lines willingly. As a reporter, Roberts's alibi is that he faithfully reported their words and thus he did his duty. But Greg Roberts is a fair researcher and an intelligent man. He must have been aware that those he interviewed were in fact all associated in the same minuscule neo-nazi group and they had been making any number of baseless claims for years; further, they had no organizational substance and he could only have known it. If they were in One Nation, it did not reflect on this party because they had deliberately sought out false memberships. Yet, Roberts was trying to say the One Nation party was a vehicle for their ideas! Now that the truth about this neo-nazi gang is publicly available on the Internet (including a documentable relationship with a Liberal Party official!), Roberts has not returned to the scene of his crime to dismiss the 'evidence'. He just keeps moving on.

Then, in 2000, Roberts fabricated further stories about Kluxers harassing Aborigines in the Casino area. Enquiries made of an editor of the Lismore paper and an Aboriginal Land Council, revealed no evidence of the central element of Roberts's newspaper allegations.

The Roberts' agenda is to 'prove' that all nationalists and other patriotic people are "extreme", hate-pedlars, inciters of violence and linked in one way or another to neo-nazism, and/or white supremacism (the new buzz word). This is false, a propaganda line.

Roberts's main technique is called the 'link technique'. His method is to find some connection, even the most remote and meaningless, between a credible nationalist or patriotic person or group and some utterly ridiculous group or bizarre person. He then writes of the "link" to neo-nazism and/or white supremacism. But there is no link. By the same token, we could write of "ALP In Paedophile Link", because of the existence of some offenders there in that party or "Liberal Party In Tax Fraud Link", because it favoured a possibly-corrupt official. And so forth. It is dishonest journalism.

If Roberts cannot establish solid 'links', he may lie. In an article in July, Roberts called the Sydney secretary of Australia First, a "prominent neo-nazi", despite this man's voluminous writings, including academic writings, that establish his actual Australian nationalist stand - and even his awareness of the false activities of Roberts himself . Roberts will also quote from 'outraged' politically correct people who will lend colour to his story by expressing their anger at a target group This aspect of his writing points to a 'counter-thrust' from the other side, a 'beat-up' where there is in fact, nothing really happening.

The nationalist movement cannot answer the lies of the mass media easily. Nonetheless, we can refuse to cooperate in our own misrepresentation. In the Cronulla civil uprising and its aftermath, the cause of Australian patriotic struggle for our identity, independence and freedom, took a massive leap forward. Roberts's aim is to harass this movement. We have been forewarned!.

Sydney Committee, Australia First Party, December 23 2005

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