Media And Leftist Lies On ‘Refugee Protest’ In Newcastle. Establishment Boasts Of Strength Imply Weakness. System Gets A Hard Knock.

Jim Saleam, January 24.

On January 22 a rally was held in Newcastle by the Australia First Party (AFP) and the Patriotic Youth League (PYL). This assembly drew attention to aspects of the Sudanese refugee placement in this ‘Welcome City’ for refugees. It highlighted also the essential need for freedom of speech on the matter of immigration. Our intention to speak incited a furore in Newcastle, drew editorials and articles and eventually far wider media coverage. It also occasioned official and loony Left counter-rallies. It would be fair to say all Newcastle was alerted to a new struggle in the defence of Australian identity, jobs and services.

If we were to believe the story-telling of certain media outlets, some leftist commentators (and even the frothings on a private website courtesy of the Sydney lunatic and would-be anti-racism expert who calls himself "Darp"), the rally - was just one big flop.

If I was to sum together their stories we would note that there were eleven of us in a park, or alternatively, fifteen or twenty. We were chased out of the park. We were ignored by the tiny crowd. The Mayor of Newcastle held a rally of 500 in the city. The Trotskyites and other refugee advocates rallied 300 in Hamilton. Everyone was opposed to us. I left the meeting in a huff. And so on and so on.

Truth – fortunately - can get in the way of these good stories. We brought twenty members of AFP and PYL to Islington Park. There were forty members of the public. This included a Trotskyite picture-taker, two late-arriving members of Socialist Alliance and a rather deranged protester. We were received well, very well. Several useful contacts were made. Materials were taken in quantity by youth. There were expressions of thanks and support. One lady recounted that her daughters were molested by a Sudanese refugee and police botched the investigation. So much for no refugee crime in the city.

It is no wonder the media lied. It is no wonder that the Trotskyites boasted of their morality and strength. It is no wonder the Mayor says the people are on his side.

The wall of falsehood goes up like a bad script from a failing communist regime. Like the voice of the party-faithful we hear: there is nothing wrong; we are advancing; all are with us; our opponents are nothing but losers and failures; the future is ours.

Interestingly, the lunatic Darp did us another favour. He has written that the new street method of the emerging ‘anti-racist alliance’ would be mocking humour, belittlement of our leraders and actions - and so forth. Obviously, this method suggests we are a danger to be combated obliquely. On this point, we believe him. Of course, I would say: so what? Say as you wish!

Who won in Newcastle? We set out to achieve various things and we did. The Newcastle establishment received a hard knock. They have mobilised their client forces into action to shove multiculturalism and the refugees-are-welcome--sickness onto the working class of Newcastle. They will push the free houses, the jobs, the benefits to the advantage of a curious minority of people who would be better off in a Sudan policed by the United Nations and given genuine aid. They will write off as collateral damage the social problems which are now festering. They are fearful that the people are ready to fight against their established wisdom. And they are right. So - we won the first round. However, there is still more to be considered.

I must confound our supporters and deceive our critics by stating we had another agenda entirely. Yes, our supporters liked what we did and want more of it and we will crave their indulgence while we do that; but we must conceal our other objectives, lest broadcast negates our plans. At all times of course, our critics must necessarily remain in the dark as to our purposes. They are casting around for ways to restrict us, to harass us, to render us ineffective with the people. They may be very confident that these purposes are as yet unseen although moving well. We shall see in time whether our model of political-guerrilla-war will sour their sarcasm.



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